The Winds Of Love Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Love is like the windA
While you can t see it you can feel when it s thereB
You might not know that it is comingC
But you welcome it s refreshing airB
At times the wind is restorativeD
Like a cool breeze on a hot summer s dayE
In those moments you feel the wind s magicF
And you never want it to go awayE
Wind can even breakG
Like the nose of the almighty sphinxH
In these moments you realizeI
That sometimes love stinksH
Winds can be exciting and funJ
Taking the leaves on a blustery rideK
It can be a comforting forceL
Although it s power cannot be deniedK
On a cold dark nightM
The wind can chill you to the boneN
It can stir up the oceansO
It can make trees bend and moanN
When you find someone specialP
And believe that your love will always prevailQ
You set forth into marriageR
And harness the loving winds with a sailQ
Your sail is the bond you ve createdS
Through the good times and the badT
It represents your faith in one anotherU
And the memories you two have hadT
The winds journey is unpredictableP
And where it will take you is hard to knowV
You will have to collaborate and make adjustmentsW
Always working to learn and growV
There will be storms along the wayE
And your sail s strength will be testedS
If you trust in one another to set the proper courseL
Then no storm can break the love you ve both investedS
When the worst of the storms are overU
And the winds finally subsideK
Take solace in the calmnessX
as love is always present when you re by each other's sideK

Jeff Stolzenberg
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 10/17/2019


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