Love is like the wind,
While you can’t see it, you can feel when it’s there.
You might not know that it is coming,
But you welcome it’s refreshing air.

At times the wind is restorative,
Like a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day.
In those moments you feel the wind’s magic,
And you never want it to go away.

Wind can even break,
Like the nose of the almighty sphinx.
In these moments you realize,
That sometimes, love stinks.

Winds can be exciting and fun,
Taking the leaves on a blustery ride.
It can be a comforting force,
Although it’s power cannot be denied.

On a cold dark night,
The wind can chill you to the bone.
It can stir up the oceans,
It can make trees bend and moan.

When you find someone special,
And believe that your love will always prevail.
You set forth into marriage,
And harness the loving winds with a sail.

Your sail is the bond you’ve created,
Through the good times and the bad.
It represents your faith in one another,
And the memories you two have had.

The winds journey is unpredictable,
And where it will take you is hard to know.
You will have to collaborate and make adjustments,
Always working to learn and grow.

There will be storms along the way,
And your sail’s strength will be tested.
If you trust in one another to set the proper course,
Then no storm can break the love you’ve both invested.

When the worst of the storms are over,
And the winds finally subside.
Take solace in the calmness,
as love is always present, when you’re by each other's side.