The Domestic Stones (fragment) Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Translated from the French by David GascoyneA
The feet of morning the feet of noon and the feet of eveningB
walk ceaselessly round pickled buttocksC
on the other hand the feet of midnight remain motionlessD
in their echo woven basketsE
consequently the lion is a diamondF
on the sofas made of breadG
are seated the dressed and the undressedH
the undressed hold leaden swallows between their toesI
the dressed hold leaden nests between their fingersJ
at all hours the undressed get dressed againA
and the dressed get undressedH
and exchange the leaden swallows for the leaden nestsK
consequently the tail is an umbrellaL
a mouth opens within another mouthM
and within this mouth another mouthM
and within this mouth another mouthM
and so on without endN
it is a sad perspectiveO
which adds an I don't know whatP
to another I don't know whatP
consequently the grasshopper is a columnA
the pianos with heads and tailsQ
place pianos with heads and tailsQ
on their heads and their tailsQ
consequently the tongue is a chairR

Jean Arp


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