Who is Jean Arp

Hans Peter Wilhelm Arp (16 September 1886 – 7 June 1966), better known as Jean Arp in English, was a German-French sculptor, painter, and poet. He was known as a Dadaist and an abstract artist.

Early life

Arp was born in Straßburg (now Strasbourg), the son of a French mother and a German father, during the period following the Franco-Prussian War when the area was known as Alsace-Lorraine (Elsass-Lothringen in German) after France had ceded it to Germany in 1871. Following the return of Alsace to France at the end of World War I, French law determined that his name become "Jean". Arp would continue referring to himself as "Hans" when he spoke German.



In 1904, after leaving the École des Arts et Métiers in St...
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Jean Arp Poems

  • Sekundenzeiger
    daß ich als ich
    ein und zwei ist
    daß ich als ich
    drei und vier ist ...
  • The Plain
    I was alone with a chair on a plain
    Which lost itself in an empty horizon.

    The plain was flawlessly paved. ...
  • The Domestic Stones (fragment)
    (Translated from the French by David Gascoyne)

    The feet of morning the feet of noon and the feet of evening
    walk ceaselessly round pickled buttocks...
  • Die Schwalbenhode

    weh unser guter kaspar ist tot
    wer trägt nun die brennende fahne im zopf wer dreht die...
  • Kaspar Is Dead
    (Translated by G P Skratz)

    o god our kaspar is dead
    & now there's no-one to steal away with the burning flag &...
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Comments about Jean Arp

Aeinrs: jean arp.
Etaveglio: constellation (1951) by jean arp
Ajir_terver: richard huelsenbeck joined together in zurich, switzerland in 1916 in view of challenging traditional point of view. the funny thing about dadaism is that, it didn't promote a particular style or technique for creating art. the goal of dadaism according to jean hans arp
Ajir_terver: dadaism dada is a nonsense word that describes a nonsensical art movement through swept through europe and extended to new york city in the early 1900s. it was a way of opposition to horrors of ww1. artists like jean arp, marco janco, emmy hennings, tristan tzara and
Dean_frey: michel seuphor, marguerite arp, denise colomb & jean arp, relaxing in arp's studio at 21 rue des châtaigners, 1954. the caption says the photo is by edouard loeb (supposé) - pierre's twin brother - but i expect colomb set up the shot & he pressed the shutter.
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