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Fields_MPA7: Rev. James Cleveland had songs. WE can't deny that. Everything comes into perspective now that all that groaning through the music was possibly his way of crying it out. It also show how the Black Church will cover up stuff, and still speak loudly about the hate of LGBTQ folks.

WomanToday2: Her translations ran to nearly forty volumes. She had thought of adding to this number, at the request of James T. Fields, an abridgment of George Sand's voluminous Histoire de ma vie; circumstances, however, prevented the completion of the work. 47/

JDKaneki: Mar 23 - A farmer traveling with his load Picked up a horseshoe on the road, And nailed it fast to his barn door, That luck might down upon him pour. - James T. Fields (American writer 1817-81)

Jenab6: Don't believe the media is anti-white? Let's consider two people who killed other people with their vehicles. Let's compare: Darrell Brooks vs. James Alex Fields

jsmallseattle: SUNDAY SPINS THE HORSES AND THE HOUNDS (2021) Here is Tommy with the tenth album from singer/songwriter James McMurtry, released on August 20, 2021. Favorite tracks are “Operation Never Mind”, “Canola Fields”, “If It Don't Bleed", “Jackie”, and “Ft. Walton Wake-Up Call”.

PhilippusArabus: Is it impolite to point out that Ke Huy Quan belongs to the Hoa people – an ethnically Chinese minority within Vietnam, which controlled 80% of the economy before communism? His ancestors weren't out in the rice fields. They were exiled for being a market-dominant minority.

EdoardoFanfani: James Gibbs' St. Martin's in the Fields is the perfect classical church; it inspired most Georgian churches in the years to come, both in Britain and the new world. I love his tamed take on Wren, imbued in the order brought back to England from Rome with the Grand Tour.

mckaycoppins: Tough look for our guy James T. Fields.

TruWordsRSpoken: DOJ Can Seize Funds Donated To Charlottesville Nazi You don't get to kill people and profit from it... On a related note: Jan. 6 perps shouldn't get to "write about it" and then profit while refusing to testify under Oath about it, either!

MacFarlaneNews: NEW: Federal judge orders the Justice Dept can seize money that's been donated into prison inmate account of James Fields.. the man who pleaded guilty in the deadly car-ramming attack in 2017 in Charlottesville Feds are seeking the money to pay for Fields's criminal penalties

GlaucomaPhys: The Future of Fields: Is perimetry really going virtual reality? By James T. Murphy, MD

TorySmackCaucus: Didn't know he tweeted this. Opticscuck moment. James fields is a political prisoner.

TruthThunder88: Reminder that an Antifa member of Redneck Revolt openly bragged about brandishing a gun toward James Fields right before his deadly car accident at Charlottesville. And the evidence is published on a Harvard University YouTube channel.

UKIPAgriculture: So if you keep a few chickens to provide eggs for the household you will need a licence but you can keep a dog or a cat and allow it to drop worm ridden faeces in the fields to infect cattle and sheep. But they don't like the idea of you being able to feed yourself independently

Vator_H_Town: They called me a madman. Mikal Bridges is really having a James Harden from OKC to Houston type glow up. Phoenix didn’t know what they had.

NewsInTheBurg: Prosecutors disclosed the incident when asking a judge to order James Alex Fields Jr. to make a court-ordered payment to his victims, who haven't received any restitution in the four

FloydPress: Prosecutors disclosed the incident when asking a judge to order James Alex Fields Jr. to make a court-ordered payment to his victims, who haven't received any restitution in the four

RTDNEWS: Prosecutors disclosed the incident when asking a judge to order James Alex Fields Jr. to make a court-ordered payment to his victims, who haven't received any restitution in the four

NewsVirginian: Prosecutors disclosed the incident when asking a judge to order James Alex Fields Jr. to make a court-ordered payment to his victims, who haven't received any restitution in the four

roanoketimes: Prosecutors disclosed the incident when asking a judge to order James Alex Fields Jr. to make a court-ordered payment to his victims, who haven't received any restitution in the four

MVilleBulletin: Prosecutors disclosed the incident when asking a judge to order James Alex Fields Jr. to make a court-ordered payment to his victims, who haven't received any restitution in the four

CulpeperSE: Prosecutors disclosed the incident when asking a judge to order James Alex Fields Jr. to make a court-ordered payment to his victims, who haven't received any restitution in the four

GoDanRiver: Prosecutors disclosed the incident when asking a judge to order James Alex Fields Jr. to make a court-ordered payment to his victims, who haven't received any restitution in the four

heraldcourier: Prosecutors disclosed the incident when asking a judge to order James Alex Fields Jr. to make a court-ordered payment to his victims, who haven't received any restitution in the four

OPB: When the crew for VH1’s hit show “Bands Reunited” came to Corvallis, Oregon, looking for a rock star, they didn’t expect to have to walk through fields of tomatoes and basil to find him. 1/10

ssangyeons: This was the greatest speech of all time and as much as I love Sally Fields, why didn’t James Hong get the Lifetime achievement award?? 451 acting credits and still acting at 94

Alonsouru: White supremacist convicted in Charlottesville car-ramming accused of prison misconduct

James_A_Conrad: Point/Counterpoint. "Testimony doesn't count. In science, it doesn't count." Michael Shermer (Larry King Now Aug 9 2012 taping date/Mar 14 2013 airdate S1E20 UFO debate). Scientific fields that regularly use testimony: dream research, medicine, meteorology, psychology, sociology.

jackfmnews: Police searching for a missing man from Banbury have found a body. 52-year-old James was last seen in the Hanwell Fields area a week ago today. The body was found yesterday, but hasn't yet been formally identified. Police say his death is not being treated as suspicious.

ourawesomegang: Black Fire Trilogy by James Rada, Jr. Get the complete bestselling trilogy in one volume! When Matt Ansaro returns to his hometown of Eckhart Mines in the Western Maryland coal fields in 1922, it isn't for a friendly visit.

handmaid: Kissinger has an impatient BFF awaiting him in the 7th Circle of Hell. Maybe if one is as truly amoral as Kissinger, they don't die like humans, but rather petrify like wood. His BFF got to go by his own hand, after designing and operationalizing the Killing Fields of Cambodia.

vdare: 2/2 "I don’t believe James Alex Fields Jr. got justice from the U.S. court system, and I certainly don’t expect he will get mercy. And I further believe that this is the fault of his court-appointed defense attorneys."

james_rands: laid mines in the fields across their frontage. Russian armour doesn't seem to have the ability to breach minefields so they're constrained to the roads which means they come on in column and they can be targeted by artillery and anti-tank systems. They're just getting smashed.

ClareChampion: Champion Chatter - Season 02 Episode 07 Eoin and James may not have risen each other’s heart rates for St Valentine’s but they did ensure that listeners didn't miss a beat on the sporting fields.

RightWingWatch: Project Veritas is claiming that James O'Keefe "blew their money on his musical theater dreams"? That can't possibly be true. This was worth every penny they spent.

ideclarefood: Mike Tomlin ain’t seeing heaven for having Ryan Clark, James Harrison and Troy on the same fields he was tryna murder fools out there fr

AyindeLove_: Black history month is black history monthing this year… like, we just watch Beyoncé and LeBron James both make history achieving arguably the HARDEST achievements in their respective fields. Black people listen to me! There is NOTHING you can’t do!

JDMahama: Wasted years! We bequeathed to the Akufo-Addo gov’t two new oil fields, TEN and Sankofa. Greed and ineptitude as against national interest means a sad reality of no additional production activity in our upstream oil sector in the last 7 years.

Pisces_Perseph: “pisces mars is weak, lacks drive/ ambition, is flakey, doesn’t follow through,…” i present to you Lebron James, David Beckham, Anderson Silva, Ray Lewis… all mars in pisces. all revered as some of the best athletes in their respective fields

james_t_quinn: AP: "One of the places the balloon was spotted was Montana, which is home to one of the nation’s three nuclear missile silo fields at Malmstrom Air Force Base."

GBraggsJr23: I'm glad the start of this video is of players around the league speaking about of Justin Fields. Don't listen to the Twitter experts. Listen to the guys that play the game. That study the tape because it's their job. They know.

GraveyardBall: Didn't see Field of Dreams until recently, it really hits home with those scenes and being in Iowa to look at the site. It's something walking on that diamond and seeing the corn fields. Yet James Earl Jones with that speech is just magical. It sucks to be reminded of Manfred

bjcolangelo: James Hong had an unbelievable 2022 and it didn’t get talked about enough. This man is 93 and appeared in three of the best films of the year AND got his overdue star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

cullinane_james: Noted. You can’t tweet about Justin Fields next year when he takes over

LegendaryEnergy: Not to brag or be a dick at all, I'm just wondering why in the world I should listen to someone about the world who didn't see that coming. They both do some cool stuff in other fields. But it's hard for me to take them seriously. What kind of thought leader failed Covid 2020?

pkangata: “Behold, the pay of the laborers who mowed your fields, and which has been withheld by you, cries out against you; and the outcry of those who did the harvesting has reached the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth.” James 5:4 NASB1995 Don’t OPPRESS! ⚠️

OnchainBoomer: A High Performance Payment Processing System Designed for Central Bank Digital Currencies James Lovejoy Cory Fields Madars Virza Tyler Frederick David Urness Kevin Karwaski Anders Brownworth Neha Narula

BootlegFantasy: Justin Fields is a completely fine thrower of the ball, he was just throwing to guys who wouldn’t be on other NFL rosters.

DavidCranmerUn1: bought the building. From 1832 to 1865, it was home to Ticknor and Fields, a publishing company founded by William Ticknor, later renamed when he partnered with James T. Fields. For part of the 19th century, the firm was one of the most important publishing companies in the

AdamSchefter: Players ruled out for Sunday include Tua Tagovailoa, Duane Brown, Carlton Davis, Donovan Smith, Vita Vea, Leonard Williams, Lane Johnson, Josh Sweat, Lamar Jackson, Justin Fields, Jack Conklin, Tyler Biadasz, Brian Robinson, Nick Foles, James Conner, DeAndre Hopkins, Aaron Donald

KingDMac33: Can’t stop watching the play where James Houston drops back in covers 10 yards and STILL gets the sack on Justin Fields… Then the other one where he chases him down and forces a fumble… Mans speed is CRAZY!!! Like bruh u know u that fast?? Sheesh

dabearsblog: Justin Fields made the second half of this season fun for many of us, and he paid a physical price for that. Now it’s on this organization to ensure he doesn’t have to pay that price again. Get protection. Get weapons. Get better.

_PeteSmith_: The only reason I am only naming them is because the Browns are excited about several guys, but they haven't been able to prove it yet. Nick Harris, James Hudson, Tony Fields jump out. And Berry has had 3 drafts, not 4.

MikeyyDayz: James Houston tackles Braxton Jones into Fields.. No call? I don’t think you can do that lol

CarmieV: Absolutely textbook from James Houston on that strip of Fields. Doesn’t count as a sack because Fields was a runner but might as well be. What an awesome story Houston is.

wallaceme: I drink my water out of puddles. I eat my grass and dandelions raw. I lollop around fields. I live in a hole. I poop where I like. Sometimes I eat it again. My ears are all floppy. I’m a rabbit, and no I won’t apologise for it.

James_Hamler1: If Bears fans have to try and point out 1 good throw every week by Fields... it probably means he isn't good at throwing

jake_fields: reece james can't catch a break

BarryOnHere: The Buccaneers still haven't scored more than 21 points in any win this season. If teams play even half decent offensively against them, they lose. Unfortunately, Tom Brady's ability to generate force fields around the endzone are second to none.

james_manker: Justin Fields can’t throw the ball!!!

JeremyLayt0n: quarterbacks against the Eagles Kyler Murray: 1 TD, 1 INT, 80.5 passer rating Aaron Rodgers: 2 TD, 2 INT, 95.8 rating Trevor Lawrence: 2 TD, 1 INT, 84.3 rating Kirk Cousins: 1 TD, 3 INT, 51.1 rating ...Justin Fields, who "can't throw": 2 TD, 0 INT, 119.5 rating

MilesKing10: A short thread about just one of the impacts of intensive Dairy Farming - yes it's Slurry Monday! With the ground frozen for over a week, all that Slurry is building up, because it can't be spread on fields. But with the thaw & rain, it's Slurry Spreading Time. 1/5

mikenadeau65: News; $RCON Recon Awarded New Contract to Provide Gas Flares for Oil and Gas Fields in China's Northwestern Qinghai Province

james_ebo: I don’t normally feel bad for quarterbacks but I kind of do for Justin Fields

Ky1eLong: I’m actually pissed I wasn’t healthy long enough to block for Justin Fields. I’ll admit it.

jason_kint: it also didn't hurt to have friends with access to the senior ranks. this app was finally cut off after being approved the whitelisted but then vetoed (thankfully). It appears to have been harvesting significant data (fields are listed) to influence credit app decisions. /7

james_manker: See, Justin Fields can’t pass!

nameless_james: “justin fields can’t thrown downfield” STFU

MaxMarkhamNFL: “Justin Fields isn’t clutch” literally takes 2 minutes of film to debunk. Here’s the film.

WaterTheRust: Duncan Lemp wont rest in peace because Elon Musk owns Twitter, James Fields won't be a free man because Trump met Fuentes.

richardz86: RYAN: And I understand you like learning about the socialist impetus behind 1916 KID: Yes I do RYAN: And that you’d like to meet James Connolly, even in ghost form. GHOST OF JAMES CONNOLLY: Ooooooooooh KID: Ryan you didn’t.

Nate_Flint: Imagine thinking a corner is as important as a QB lol you could’ve paid James Bradberry after drafting fields and still had better results. Just say you don’t understand ball bro. It’s okay to admit.

AlbertBreer: Little nugget I picked up: Bears QB Justin Fields apologized to his teammates after Chicago's loss to the Falcons in the locker room postgame. Told them the defense gave the offense a chance, and the offense didn't get it done. Went a long way with guys, after he'd played hurt.

jesse_d_james: "Trees, fields and rich black soil don’t make a fuss. Real estate developers and lobbyists do. That’s why Ford can clear-cut for vast suburbs that will be unmanageable as climate change advances." We must resist Ford & Tory's undemocratic actions.

stevenalanhenni: Son Isaiah preached last Sunday from James 1. He had a statement that really hit me::" We see enemy soldiers when the field is white for harvest." WOW! Don’t you have a saying, ‘It’s still four months until harvest’? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are

james_hashley: These aren’t Indiana corn fields anymore! ❤️

KBrook_James: His wife was also quick to jump to her 'hubby's' defense. "I don't see anyone screaming about how basketball players drive what they do while you paying $$ to see them play in arenas and on fields. We don't live for people! We live for God!"

CulverZakk: 13th Amendment didn’t end slavery it just gave it another name. Those cotton fields turned to prisons. Samuel Lawerence James of Mississippi perfected what we have today SMFH.

N_u_l_l________: To put it simply, James is a pluralist, and sees methodologies within certain fields not being compatible in others i.e. he doesn't see a universal means of obtaining truth.

gullett_james: If Fields can't run we win. That simple.

gullett_james: Fields finds his WR after 50 seconds in the pocket but I don't hate it to be honest. Blitzing him makes him run. Trying to make him beat us with his arm is how you win. But you still can't give him THAT long.

gullett_james: I told yall Fields can't beat us with his arm. (I guess unless his TE is 15 yards open)

CharlieKovach4: Me starting Justin Fields and James Conner in fantasy this week definitely had to do with intense analysis predicting they’d go off and DEFINITELY wasn’t because I had literally zero other options

EdwardHand8: In the right deal, sure. You also don't want to throw them away ala Jason Varitek and Derek Lowe for Heathcliff Slocum, Larry Anderson for Jeff Bagwell, Josh Fields for Yordan Alvarez, James Shields for Fernando Tatis Jr, etc

DeeksViewOG: “Justin Fields Can’t Throw” “He’s only a runner” “Make him play QB, he cant pass” “Look at his stats” Here’s nearly 5 Minutes of Justin Fields throwing DIMES ⬇️

james_rands: The Brigade is supposed to be 3,000 strong roughly. The attack did not go well. Artillery seems to have been largely ineffective for preparatory fires and the defenders had good fields of fire. Russian sources report 300 casualties in four days.

mario_maclin24: maybe you will maybe you won't establish since 1980 Javon fields from Thomas James brady

CleanGuayabera: They don’t make them like Mr. Lee Fields anymore- One of the last living legends of an old guard who drew inspiration from the showmanship of the James Brown era and has made music that spans several decades. Give that man his flowers- 10/10 show every time.

pauls44316062: A lovely nature walk around the fields of Allesley with James on a quiet Sunday morning.. Can't beat the colours and nature doing what it does best.. Those skylarks never let us down.. Thank you for always being a wonderful place ❤️

james_wiIkinson: I can’t help but like Justin Fields

vdare: VIDEO: Why Wasn't Darrell Brooks Charged With a Hate Crime? Brooks faced no hate crime charges against white people. It’s a dramatic difference between the way the media and the government treated James Fields and George Zimmerman Read more:

adsk4: So many people have asked me. But it's a headcanon. James doesn't look at the player.

TomFornelli: The offseason was full of people talking about how the Bears didn't do enough to help Justin Fields and now those same people will tell you the Bears have spent too much to help Justin Fields.

james_riley12: Dak turned into Tony Romo, dumb penalties, and overrunning plays on D instead of spying on Fields killed the first half. Game shouldn’t be this close. Oh can they call holding on the Bears as they are mugging Micah.

GtoffmyJohnson: He never fields the ball cleanly. I don’t understand how he is still returning kicks. He’s not even dynamic with the ball in his hands. Bench Ritchie James!

andrewmandujano: Why wasn’t Darrell Brooks charged with a HATE CRIME bro?! He specifically committed and ANTI-WHITE attack,and killed more people than James Fields in Charlottesville. The term hate crime means WHAT? Outrageous.

cullinane_james: If Justin Fields is on a bye week he studies film he doesn’t have time for video games GROW UP PAT

RepAdamSchiff: Another day, another student, teacher, or staffer shot dead. This time in a St. Louis school. All because Republicans won’t do ANYTHING. They refuse to keep our kids safe. To ban weapons of war. To raise the age limit. They have allowed our schools to be killing fields.

DavidCranmerUn1: Lowell left The Atlantic Monthly when James T. Fields took over as editor; the magazine had been purchased by Ticknor and Fields for $10,000 two years before. Financial problems led James Osgood to merge Ticknor and Fields with the publishing firm of Henry Oscar Houghton in

james_mac16: Sooooo uhhhh why don’t the Bears run short crossing routes for Fields? Lmao

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Patricia Stone: My Father was a minister... He would quote the “ballad of the tempest “ .. to many a broken soul .. in grief / physical / emotional pain... It was such a part of his life and ministry to people in difficult places .. he used the poem and scripture as he spoke of hope... in many ways like Jesus calmed the storm for the disciples... I’m thank for Mr Fields poem and wonder if the death of His Father a sea captain.. inspired this poem?

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