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James Thomas Fields (December 31, 1817 – April 24, 1881) was an American publisher, editor, and poet. His business, Ticknor and Fields, was a notable publishing house in 19th century Boston.


Early life and family

He was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on December 31, 1817 and named James Field; the family later added the "s". His father was a sea captain and died before Fields was three. He and his brother were raised by their mother and her siblings, their aunt Mary and uncle George. At the age of 14, Fields took a job at the Old Corner Bookstore in Boston as an apprentice to publishers Carter and Hendee. His first published poetry was included in the Portsmouth Journal in 1837 but he drew more attention when, on September 13, 1838, h...
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James T. Fields Poems

  • The Ballad Of The Tempest
    We were crowded in the cabin,
    Not a soul would dare to sleep,-
    It was midnight on the waters,
    And a storm was on the deep....
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Top 10 most used topics by James T. Fields

Sleep 1 Hungry 1 Busy 1 Thunder 1 Storm 1 Hear 1 Clear 1 Deep 1 Fearful 1 Soul 1

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Patricia Stone: My Father was a minister... He would quote the “ballad of the tempest “ .. to many a broken soul .. in grief / physical / emotional pain... It was such a part of his life and ministry to people in difficult places .. he used the poem and scripture as he spoke of hope... in many ways like Jesus calmed the storm for the disciples... I’m thank for Mr Fields poem and wonder if the death of His Father a sea captain.. inspired this poem?

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