McCready, the great Irish tragedian, said that the view from Thorold was the finest in America.

Thorold is famous for its mills,
And the grand view from off its hills,
A view so charming and extended,
Nature's beauties sweetly blended.

Poetic thoughts it doth awake
To view Ontario's broad lake,
And husbandmen have their reward in
Fruits of this Provincial garden.

For from the hill you see below
Gardens where choice fruits do grow,
The landscape all within your reach
Doth both produce the grape and peach.

McCready said in the New World
The finest view was from Thorold,
You see St. Catharines thriving town
And steamers sailing up and down.

And you can see on a clear day
All along Toronto Bay,
And you clearly see the haze
Where Niagara doth amaze.

And glance where Grimsby's gardens yield
Or view Beamsville's fruitful field,
Then this thought you can advance,
This is Canada's sunny France.

You see Niagara's ancient town[D]
Though it has lost us old renown,
And you have a splendid view
Of boats on old canal and new.