The wondrous shepherd James Hogg
Was happy with his good sheep dog,
Meditating o'er his sweet lays
While his fleecy flocks did graze.

His education it came late
After he reached to man's estate,
While his flocks were busy feeding
His favourite authors he was reading.

Wondrous tales he did rehearse
Of witches both in prose and verse,
And he in fairy tales did glory
Traditions of each shepherd's story.

The shepherd he sang late and early
Of the deeds of bold Prince Charley,
And how the charming bonnie Flora
Soothed the Prince when in his sorrow.

Few songs possess so much vigor
As his gathering of McGregor,
The lover's heart is all aflame
To meet lassie when the kye comes hame.

But one who loved the shepherd's songs
And sang them unto countless throngs,
Great Kennedy has passed away
Now mournful is our Scottish lay.