It's like you don't have the urge to do it, but you do it. You do it because you need to, not because you want too.

You do it because for once, you chose yourself, and you didn't go against yourself, for once, you accepted who you truly are, for just once, you natured the detail in your life instead of forcefully doing it. It's a necessity to love yourself wholeheartedly, otherwise, who would?

There may be a soul mate out there for you, they say. Perhaps you only think it's real at the moment, but only when you're forced to accept the reality of life, you can't deny it. You just can't.

It's all in your face, in the way you don't make eye contact cause the truth will eat you up alive. It's all in the way you express yourself, the way you care for others but careless with yourself,then you get to face your own demons, now you realize that the burden of doing it gets to heavy to carry, you can no longer manage. It's your vision, not anyone else's.
Reminiscing on how it used to be, it's honestly, really not the same.

You see,
My world tumbled once at the exact time I had to face my fears alone. A heartache for a lifetime, for a love that only felt deeply part-time.