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It runs in my blood, but doesn't run in my family. My name is Jade, I express my pain, my love or my happiness in my poems. My soul is healed by the dept of peoples poems. ...
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  • My Mother's Offspring
    I am my mother's child!
    She wiped my tears whenever I cried.
    She could tell whenever I lied,
    She would correct me and tell me to apologize. ...
  • Partially
    It's like when you walk into a crowded place,
    fame for the moment but it can trip you in a pace.

    Its the terrifying type of fame, ...
  • Corona Leave.
    The air we polluted,
    the days we took for granted.
    The freedom we muted,
    the people we took for granted. ...
  • You
    It's like you don't have the urge to do it, but you do it. You do it because you need to, not because you want too.

    You do it because for once, you chose yourself, and you didn't go against yourself, for once, you accepted who you truly are, for just once, you natured the detail in your life instead of forcefully doing it. It's a necessity to love yourself wholeheartedly, otherwise, who would?
  • Not Looking Back
    Never again will I be once upon a time

    Never again will my feelings for you collide.
    Never again will I reap this kind of life. ...
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Thomas Moore Poem
Lay His Sword By His Side
 by Thomas Moore

Lay his sword by his side -- it hath served him too well
Not to rest near his pillow below;
To the last moment true, from his hand ere it fell,
Its point was still turn'd to a flying foe.
Fellow-labourers in life, let them slumber in death,
Side by side, as becomes the reposing brave --
That sword which he loved still unbroke in its sheath,
And himself unsubdued in his grave.

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