At the end, there was a beginning

But the beginning never ends.Weather the storm,it

aint getting any warm.At the crack of born the

drop dropped and heavy enough the silence was

broken.The silence was spoken.The power was

evoked and the drop ended up soaked.Under

water the peace decreased.With efforts of

remaining higher the drop needed an increament

to keep its name above sea level.

So happy when stressed yet happily depressed

the drop could only scream quietly. Such

drowning felt like the feeling of being lost in a

forest wilderness.The pressure was no pleasure

and in deep waters the drop dripped due to

internal leakage.This normal abnormality led to its

thirsty cry but the quenching seemed to be

there.Is this foolishness?I break scales when i

weigh my options. Its sounds like throwing water in a pool.

Dreams became reality and through this single

thought of remembrance the drop opened up and

embraced the breakage. Through the wound the

light finds its way in and penetrates. This brings

an enlightening brightness.Drop now became

heavyweight and it no longer breaks jokes but burst's laughs.

It ain't a miracle, a Drop turned to an Ocean!