Malevolent in nature,
The spiritual being that mediates between the transcendent and temporal realm.
Various spiritual beings, principalities, and powers,
In the profane realm of time and space.

Fallen Angels!
There was a fall from human falls,
When the serpent came into the Garden
His intent evil and mundane
Withholding something good from his human image.

Oh! Ancient serpent, oh fallen Angel!
Rebellious angels cast out of heaven.
In their numbers are thousands,
Lucifer in the lead, the prince of the dark.

Is he a cherub or an arch Angel gone wrong?
Michael and his warriors defeated him in the battle.
Like the ogres and Phantoms came the descendants of the serpent,
Cast out from the beautiful Garden.

They are powerful spirits,
But they are not omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent.

The world says to us conform to me!
Flesh says to us, satisfy me!
And the demon says to us, worship me!
This climaxes the temptation of Jesus by the devil.

All these I will give you if you fall and worship me.
Oh! Devil, the ultimate motivator
The desire to worship you is idolatry - the worship of a creature rather than the creator.

Paul wrote about the danger of false teachers, who disguise themselves as the apostles of Christ.
These deceitful workmen are agents of the great deceiver - the Devil.

False teachings
False prophets
False gospel
That troubles the church are works of the Demons.

The devil is on the prowl
Seeking someone to devour,
Be sober-minded, be watchful.
Your reputation, the devil wants to perish.

Demon possession is the stuff of movies
The exorcist comes to mind as a classic horror movie.

But Christ is the victor over demons,
Jesus came into the world,
As the incarnate son of God,
To accomplish more than one thing:

To reveal the father
To be our great high priest
To die for our sins
To defeat the devil

He defeated the devil by tasting death for us.
The devil's power lies in bringing death.
In their catalog are thousands of demons.
The fallen Angels.