bring back the blue skies
coloured red
by rages of bloody wars

bring back the shiny sun
made pale by weary plumes
of greedy need

so my heart can meet with your's
bickering aside
division away

so our children can play in winter's hands
and sunny haze
oblivious of the masquerade
ghosts steering behind

so that we can display
our beauty
fairly and squarely
in our once safe streets

o tell me it's a dream
we wake to another world
another reality realer than dream
patched up in Kyiv hills

like another life unlived
we dance to unfamiliar song
sad one in Babylonian rivers

like white stallions stumping around
in the southern plains of Ukraine

will stones direct our paths from city to sea
and in whispers decree our creed
in secret
that holds the fishes in harmony
and restore our reality
in fine lines of peace