Ibthlhal Abdul Humanity Poems

  • 1.
    How is inequality a good thing for girls
    Why do women and girls killed for honor
    What is honor if you kill the people that look out for you
    How is it a girls fault to be who she wants to be
  • 2.
    She cries but her pain unheard
    She needs help but fingers pointed at her
    Her dignity destroyed but is not her wish
    She cries for she was forced to it
  • 3.
    The funny humanity of today breaks hearts
    All we want is to be seen in the internet
    All she wants is to wear an expensive ring
    My heart is pure yet she forgets that
  • 4.
    Why does it feel am in a cage
    Chained to my past can't free from it
    Why have this shackles turned to be my doom
    Why can't I get free why are the chain painful
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