Ah you that the night still envelops the space of your body,
Or at rest you'll find a bond of happiness to live,
Sleep brings you the wish of a freshness to a more frenetic existence this morning,
Your joy of silence that falls asleep leaves you with a beautiful smile without knowing it,
And your thought finds the time of the night for an illumination of your beautiful life,
And your heart in full sleep speaks to you of dreams to take the steps,
The doors of the night are lights of the universe,
And you in these doors of the night you amass a victory of strength to carry your life to the first step of your beautiful step in the morning,
Desire is testimony to lift up the sleeping spirit,
And to your beautiful sleep I wish a good satisfaction of rest in bringing you the wealth of wonder the next day,
Sleep well to me who wake up to confront my life still in the light of day,
May daylight be a juicy pleasure of your favorite fruit when you wake up,
And this morning's step be for you a message of joys of sharing and of living.