Hanford Lennox Gordon Blue Poems

Total 43 Blue Poems by Hanford Lennox Gordon

Top 10 most used topics by Hanford Lennox Gordon

Heart 52 Sun 47 Away 46 Long 46 Brave 45 God 45 Wild 44 Head 44 Blue 43 Red 42

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William Cowper Poem
Denner's Old Woman
 by William Cowper

In this mimic form of a matron in years,
How plainly the pencil of Denner appears!
The matron herself, in whose old age we see
Not a trace of decline, what a wonder is she!
No dimness of eye, and no cheek hanging low,
No wrinkle, or deep-furrow-d frown on the brow!
Her forehead indeed is here circled around
With locks like the ribbon with which they are bound;

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