To A Downfallen Rose Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


When I laid aside the verses of MimnermusA
I lived a life of canned heat and raw handsA
alone not far from my body did I wanderB
walked with a hope of a sudden dreamy forest of goldC
O rose downfallen bend your huge vegetic backD
eye down the imposter sun in winter dreamE
sulk your rosefamed head into the bile of golden giantF
ah rose augment the rose further stillG
whence upon that self created dive in EdenH
you blossomed where the Watchmaker of NothingnessA
your birth did cause bits of smashed night to popJ
causing my dreamy forest to unfoldC
Yes and the Watchmaker his wheely fleshK
and jewelled bones spoiled as he awokeL
and in the face of your Somethingness he fledM
waving oblivious monks in his unwinded handsA
The sun cannot see upheaved spatics the tennis of VenusA
and the court of Mars sing the big lie of the sunH
ah faraway ball of fur sponge up the elementsA
make clear the trees and the mountains of the earthN
arise and turn away from the vast fixednessA
Rose Rose my tinhorneared roseA
Rose is my visionic eyehand of all MysticdomE
Rose is my wise chair of bombed housesA
Rose is my patient electric eyes eyes eyes eyesA
Rose is my festive jowlO
Dali Lama Grand Vicar Glorious Caesar roseA
When I hear the rose screamE
I gather all the failure experiments of an anatomical empireB
and with some chemical dream discoverB
the hateful law of the earth and sun and the screamingP
rose betweenQ

Gregory Corso


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