When life is miserable and bad
When circumstances make you sad
When one after another problems abound
Like a phoenix you raise
from the ashes of agony
and smile in utter faith

When physical pain distresses
When you lack strength to live
When medicines fail to cure
Like a phoenix you raise
from the ashes of pain
ignoring it, carry on with life

When faced with hard to resolve problems
When mind is perplexed for want of solution
When you feel struck up from all sides
Like a phoenix you raise
from ashes of contemplation
leave your worries to God, be calm

Like a phoenix you raise
Your towering personality
Amidst worldly chaos
Resolve to be happy, calm, unperturbed
Inspire others, achieve peace

Never give up, never die
Like a phoenix raise again and again
More resolute, more strong
Show the world nothing can kill
your ambitions, your happiness, your calmness

Life is a saga of dualities
Along with happiness, sadness abounds
We endure it from birth till death
After death like phoenix we raise from ashes
Take another birth and suffer unabated

Ask yourself how to end it all
Try for salvation, to see your soul
Then like a phoenix you raise from ashes
Leave mortal world, become one with God
End all your problems, attain infinite bliss

Like a phoenix you raise!