Bodies shrewn all around,
Many a dead can be found,
Cries of agony and pain fill the air,
Mind only says this is not fair,
Let's end war here.

Blood flowing all around,
Creating a red carpet on the ground,
Firing and shooting continues in air,
Mind only say this is not fair,
Let's end war here.

Back at home victory is announced,
In many a home crying abounds,
Many cry over their only son lost,
Their only support if life is lost.
Many a child will ask for their father,
How can mother say he is no more dear,
Stealing away from people their only bread winner,
Oh my god! This is not fair,
Let's end war here.
Let's end war here.

Can compensation bring back a son?
Can compensation rebuild a house in ruin?
Can compensation compensate for lost hands and legs?
Can compensation erase horrifying memories of war?
Their thoughts and loud and clear,
That's not fair,
Let's end all wars here.

Common man in both sides,
Busy with his daily life,
Desperately wishes to end this strife.
It is the power hungry politicians,
Who create war like situations,
While they rejoice in victory,
Common man suffers in misery.
Mind says loud and clear,
This is indeed not fair,
Let's end all wars here,
Let's end all Wars here.

Why wars happen?
Their is no convincing reason,
Who gains from wars?
Is another unanswered question.

War only brings sufferings and miseries manifold,
Let's pledge to end wars from this world.