You left me in the creche,
When I was barely for month old,
I mistook her for my mother,
And you deeply felt the remorse.

Then you left me with a maid,
Who had no love for me,
To her I was a chore
To be done in a jiffy

Then you said I am grown up,
Maid need not be,
I didn't feel like coming home,
For errie silence beckoned me.

I had to eat what you cooked,
Whether I liked or not,
How i missed hot food,
Served with so much love.

I still remember the day,
I badly hurt my legs,
Neighbours took me to doctor,
You were not there!

Many a times I wished,
Someone would hold my bag,
And bring it up the stairs,
Alas! you were not there!

I vividly remember the times,
I forgot something in school,
But no one could bring it for me,
Sadly, you were not there!

I still remember those competitions,
Friends mother would come to cheer them up,
I had no incentive to win,
You were not there!

I had to do my things,
I had to grow up,
For if something happened,
No one was there!

All alone I often wonder,
Are you really my mother?
For everytime i needed you,
You were not there!

How i envied my friends,
Whose mother were there at home,
They could relax in peace,
Their mothers took care of them.

If food was not tasty,
Mothers would cook something else for them,
They had someone to share their thoughts,
And help them in their work.

Here I was all alone,
For no fault of my own!

I wish I had a mother,
Who would open the door with smiling face,
I would rush into her arms,
And share the happenings of day.

She would feed me hot food,
With her own hands,
And give me piping hot tea,
Whenever I want.

Alas! that cannot be,
For I have a selfish mother,
Who doesn't know,
About love and care.

How could you leave me alone
In this bad bad world?
Didn't it give you a scare?
This is not love and care!

Every time you noticed,
I had not eaten the food,
Didn't you feel the guilt?
Didn't it pinch and hurt?

If money was so important,
Why you give birth to me?
I don't need your money,
I need your presence in life.

By the time you come back,
It is my play time,
I have no connect with you,
The word mother is only for name.

I barely get an hour,
In which I have to do it all,
I have to remember to remind you,
Everything before hand.

I want to be irresponsible careless and sloppy,
I too want a mother,
Who would do everything for me here.

I still don't understand,
Why you need to work?
Is father's money not enough,
For all of us?

Everytime I tell you ,
not to go to work,
You see I will get bored,
There is nothing to do here.

Working from morning till night,
What do you get?
A life bereft of,
Peace and happiness.

I have a lover who feeds me lovingly with hands,
Runs small errands,
With him everything I share,
For my lover really does care.

If you don't like it,
Leave your job and quit!

Our house may be small in size,
But it will be big in smiles,
We may not have luxuries and comforts
But we will surely have joy peace and sleep.