Ego a three letter word,
rules a man's world,
and make him wish,
he ruled the world!

With it in his head
man feels he is the best,
definitely better than the rest.
About himself he always praises.

Ego make him buy things
weather he wants or not
just to prove the world
he is the greatest of all.

He spends his time criticizing
Feeling he is perfect in everything.
Ego tell him again and again,
I am the best, I am the greatest!

Man on comparison, feels he is better than the rest.
Little does he realise, all are same on earth.
All are mere speck of dust, in this vast universe

We are same creation,
With limited knowledge of existence,
Nothing is an achievement,
In world which is transient.

If you can be ever tension free,
That's a big achievement you see.
Feel you are the greatest,
If every moment you are the happiest.
Feel you know it all,
When you realise you know nothing at all.

You criticize others throughout the day
Just one criticism, your mind does sway
You feel bad, your mind cannot take it

Ask yourself
Do you know it all?
Can you do it all?
Can you live alone?
Without anybody outside and home?
Can all your achievements be done,
Without others cooperation?
You are nowhere without assistance!

You buy many costly things,
Although you have no need of them,
And you call this stupidity,
A great achievement.

Buy things because you need them,
Not because the world will see them.
If you are the greatest,
You don't need to prove to others.

If you feel you are the best,
Remember God created the difference,
Between you and the rest,
For a definite purpose.
What God gives you,
He can take it away to too.
One small happening,
Can change everything.

Look closely at your ego,
Is it help or hindrance to you
Does it keep you happy for long
Or only makes you long?

The momentary happiness of pocessions,
The long ending tension till you have them,
Frustration of not having them,
The sadness and ego hurt.
Is it really worth it?

Tell your ego stop for a while,
Leave it aside and enjoy life,
Do all that makes you happy,
Don't dance to ego's whims and fancy.

Desire after desire, mind will never retire,
You will die wanting something more or other.
Contentment is a virtue,
Use it whenever ego hurts you.

Suddenly you will relax,
What am I doing? mind will ask,
I have many things to be happy about,
Let me enjoy while they and i last,
One day all might be lost!
Tsunami Earthquake even death
May take away whatever i have on Earth.

You feel you are the greatest,
Because he was created by the greatest.
Remember you can't equal him, he is always the best.

Forget ego gratifications and ask this question,
Is all this making me a happy person?

All the happiness ego gratification gives,
Is it more than the tension you receive?
If you put them on a scale, you will realise,
You were not happy all the while.

If you didn't have the desire,
To be the greatest all the while,
How much happier you will be,
Just reflect and see.
Just do it and see.

Life is a mountain of moments,
It should have more rocks of happiness,
Then that of tension and sadness,
That is what counts in the end.

Ego and his friends, ruin human minds.
Jealousy anger frustration are all negative emotions,
Destined to give tensions.

Sometimes life devoid of pocessions,
Can give lot of satisfaction.
You are god's small creation,
You shouldn't work for ego gratification.
First understand your position,
Then work till the end,
For your own happiness and satisfaction.