Corona has done some good to society
Life is now relaxed and tension free
No need to gulp your food in hurry

People are spending more time in door
Families are coming closer like never before

Families are sitting together and chatting
Board games have come out even elders are playing

People are spending more time with parents
Siblings are more tolerant to each others tantrums

Homemade food is the order of the day
People are becoming more independent day by day

Although busy people are happy
Because they are doing all their jobs by themselves frankly

New skills are being learnt everyday
Life inside is happier in every way

Lot are using their free time effectively
Doing all that they longed to do daily

Books are coming out of cupboards
So are paint brush and colours

People are happy from inside
Mad rush for money has ebbed for a while

People have realise the value of life
They are enjoying every moment of life

Life is short has clearly become evident
Make the most of it every moment

People have become more health conscious than ever
Basic hygiene rules are followed more than ever

People have become environment friendly
Level of pollution has reduced finally

Chirping of birds can be heard clearly
Freshness off air can be sensed clearly
Mother earth is Joyous and happy

Cases of rape and robbery are no longer heard
Such peace was really unheard

It seems evil has come to an end
Thanks to corona many ways have been mend

It seems corona is a gift of god
So that we may feel thankful to God

Every moment of life given to us
Is meant to be enjoyed by us