Her Beauty Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Her true beauty leaves behindA
Apprehensions in my mindA
Of more sweetness than all artB
Or inventions can impartB
Thoughts too deep to be expressedC
And too strong to be suppressedC
What pearls what rubies canD
Seem so lovely fair to manD
As her lips whom he doth loveE
When in sweet discourse they moveF
Or her lovelier teeth the whileG
She doth bless him with a smileG
Stars indeed fair creatures beH
Yet amongst us where is heH
Joys not more the whilst he liesI
Sunning in his mistress' eyesI
Than in all the glimmering lightJ
Of a starry winter's nightJ
Note the beauty of an eyeK
And if aught you praise it byK
Leave such passion in your mindA
Let my reason's eye be blindA
Mark if ever red or whiteJ
Anywhere gave such delightJ
As when they have taken placeL
In a worthy woman's faceL

George Wither


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