Lines Written In A Young Lady's Album Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


'Tis not in youth when life is new when but to live is sweetA
When Pleasure strews her starlike flow'rs beneath our careless feetA
When Hope that has not been deferred first waves its golden wingsB
And crowds the distant future with a thousand lovely thingsB
When if a transient grief o'ershades the spirit for a whileC
The momentary tear that falls is followed by a smileC
Or if a pensive mood at times across the bosom stealsD
It scarcely sighs so gentle is the pensiveness it feelsD
It is not then the restless soul will seek for one with whomE
To share whatever lot it bears its gladness or its gloomE
Some trusting tried and gentle heart some true and faithful breastF
Whereon its pinions it may fold and claim a place of restF
But oh when comes the icy chill that freezes o'er the heartG
When one by one the joys we shared the hopes we held departG
When friends like autumn's withered leaves have fallen by our sideH
And life so pleasant once becomes a desert wild and wideH
As for her olive branch the dove swept o'er the sullen waveI
That rolled above the olden world its death robe and its graveI
So will the spirit search the earth for some kind gentle oneJ
With it to share her destiny and make it all her ownK

George W. Sands


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