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MadisonSedona: What do you think odds are leftists will be able to convict one of their cops, who's undergone hours of diversity training, has body cams welded to every part of his uniform & surrounded by same on others, w/intent to murder?

SolidRedPeon: George W. Bush speaks out on George Floyd, racism: ‘It is time for America to examine our tragic failures’

NigmaNoname: God I hate it when people talk about George W Bush like he was some goofy fun loveable grampa when he's a bloodthirsty war criminal

tom_trotts: President Trump is right on the money for calling out the war criminal George Bush for standing by silent on the impeachment hoax. I would also add that W has also been silent on the Russia hoax and ensuing coup by the FBI & CIA.

docrussjackson: Guto Harri left to work for Boris Johnson. Craig Oliver worked for Cameron. Robbie Gibb worked for May. James Harding is George Osborne's pal. Today is edited by Johnson's pal Sarah Sands, former Sunday Telegraph editor. Andrew Neil, Nick Robinson, John Humphrys & on & on...

cchukudebelu: In 1991, George H.W. Bush led a coalition to evict Saddam's forces from Kuwait. Two days after victory was declared, he said this; "The specter of Vietnam has been buried forever in the desert sands of the Arabian Peninsula". Americans were now ready to invade Arab nations.

MattGallagher0: “The ghosts of Vietnam have been laid to rest beneath the sands of the Arabian desert.” George H.W. Bush, 1991 (yes, that's a real quote.)

InsiderAlertsIA: $CXP: New Insider Filing on Director GEORGE W SANDS:

jsolkoff: Image: 14 Best George Sands images | George sand, Beaches, Sands

MACKabiVIPer42: They got some excellent movies on cable now just saw The Hindenburg w/George Scott Now John Wayne SANDS OF IWO JIMA

phillipanderson: George W Bush basically lit an entire generation's public wealth on fire on the sands of Iraq and the mountains of...

karlahs: Congrats to Walter F. George School of Law Class of 2017! Speaker W.Louis Sands, Class of '74!

InsiderAlertsIA: $CXP: New Insider Filing on Director GEORGE W SANDS:

aikkikuk: There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved Ÿ’•Ÿ‘°Ÿ¤µ~ George Sands ------ Waktu... (w/ hestiana) [pic] -

w_nicht: George Osborne is the new editor of Evening Standard

ctvqp: Sands: in a way we never stopped negotiating NAFTA. Always had working groups, through George W. Bush thru Beyond the Border under Obama.

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