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  • The Misanthrope Reclaimed - Act Iv
    Scene I. A peak of the Alps. Werner alone. Time, morning.

  • Mazelli - Canto Iii

    With plumes to which the dewdrops cling,
    Wide waves the morn her golden wing; ...
  • Acle At The Grave Of Nero
    It is a circumstance connected with the history of Nero, that every spring and summer, for many years after his death, fresh and beautiful flowers were nightly scattered upon his grave by some unknown hand.

    Tradition relates that it was done by a young maiden of Corinth, named Acle, whom Nero had brought to Rome from her native city, whither he had gone in the disguise of an artist, to contend in the Nemean, Isthinian, and Floral games, celebrated there; and whence he returned conqueror in the Palaestra, the chariot race, and the song; bearing with him, like Jason of old, a second Medea, divine in form and feature as the first, and who like her had left father, friends, and country, to follow a stranger.
  • Mazelli - Canto I

    "Stay, traveller, stay thy weary steed,
    The sultry hour of noon is near, ...
  • To Isabel
    Come near me with thy lips, and, breathe o'er mine
    Their breath, for I consume with love's desire, -
    Thine ivory arms about me clasp and twine,
    And beam upon mine eye thine eye's soft fire; ...
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  • George_w_moody: my name is ozymandias, king of kings; look on my works, ye mighty, and despair! nothing beside remains. round the decay of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare the lone and level sands stretch far away.”
  • Abc: latest: former presidents barack obama, george w. bush and bill clinton have offered to get vaccinated in front of cameras if it will help show americans they can trust the science.
  • Larshano: the guy from sands had the key points and that was trying to understand that bone marrow and hematology held the keys to the hearts of the duarte ave. spectacular and yet jz said it best keep tj out of the kitchen and on the tennis courts of laredo texas. love george w. bush
  • Tom_trotts: marc elias (who has me blocked), a partner at perkins coie - the same law firm that had deep involvement w/ the fake russian dossier - has been working w/ democrats for years to steal elections. george soros has given millions to bankroll elias.
  • Bobgolen: george h. w. bush letter to bill clinton left on the resolute desk.
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