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  • The Misanthrope Reclaimed - Act Iv
    Scene I. A peak of the Alps. Werner alone. Time, morning.

  • Mazelli - Canto Iii

    With plumes to which the dewdrops cling,
    Wide waves the morn her golden wing; ...
  • Acle At The Grave Of Nero
    It is a circumstance connected with the history of Nero, that every spring and summer, for many years after his death, fresh and beautiful flowers were nightly scattered upon his grave by some unknown hand.

    Tradition relates that it was done by a young maiden of Corinth, named Acle, whom Nero had brought to Rome from her native city, whither he had gone in the disguise of an artist, to contend in the Nemean, Isthinian, and Floral games, celebrated there; and whence he returned conqueror in the Palaestra, the chariot race, and the song; bearing with him, like Jason of old, a second Medea, divine in form and feature as the first, and who like her had left father, friends, and country, to follow a stranger.
  • Mazelli - Canto I

    "Stay, traveller, stay thy weary steed,
    The sultry hour of noon is near, ...
  • To Isabel
    Come near me with thy lips, and, breathe o'er mine
    Their breath, for I consume with love's desire, -
    Thine ivory arms about me clasp and twine,
    And beam upon mine eye thine eye's soft fire; ...
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Soul 37 Earth 35 Deep 35 Wild 33 Voice 30 Wide 29 Bright 29 True 29 Sunny 28 Thought 28

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Con the dead page as 'twere live love: press on!
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Aye, go; cast off sweet ways, and leave me wan
To biting blasts that are intent on me.

But if thy object Fame's far summits be,
Whose inclines many a skeleton o'erlies
That missed both dream and substance, stop and see

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