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  • Zanthon'my Friend
    I, knight-at-arms, in my own forest lost!
    Count of the empire, heir to crags and caves,
    And brother to the eagle and the fox!
    The music of the thunder, and the wind...
  • You Left Me
    You left me, and the anguish passed,
    And passed the day, and passed the night-
    A blank in which my senses failed;
    Then slowly came an inward light....
  • Why?
    Why did I go where roses grew,
    And meadow larks which skyward flew
    From grasses sparkling in the dew,
    The yellow sunshine pouring through?...
  • We Must Wait
    The testimony of my loss and gain
    Will I give utterance to, though none may hear.
    When long ago, bereft of all I loved,
    I sought in Nature recompense, implored...
  • Vers De Societe
    This chain of white arms round the room-
    The demon waltz-bewilders me:
    Or am I drunk with this good wine?
    Vive la compagnie!...
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  • Shadowsleg: *collinwood manor* elizabeth- and what is your business here mr. graves? i can’t imagine vicky wanting anything from you? nicholas- now hold on mrs. stoddard. i’m just here to apologize for my brusque behavior. i may have partook a little too much of the devils brew? roger- the
  • Poetsorg: my spirit in this happy air can thus embrace the dying year, and with it wrap me in a shroud as bright and clear! —elizabeth drew stoddard
  • Shadowsleg: enough drink in him. he told me about a trio of thieves comprised of himself, you, and some guy named stoddard. stoddard was married into wealth to a woman by the name of elizabeth collins. jason and he worked up a plan to convince her that stoddard was dead by her hand and
  • Lyricalili: elizabeth stoddard bc recluse
  • Rosalbaranieri: marked as to-read: la famiglia morgeson by elizabeth stoddard
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