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  • Zanthon'my Friend
    I, knight-at-arms, in my own forest lost!
    Count of the empire, heir to crags and caves,
    And brother to the eagle and the fox!
    The music of the thunder, and the wind...
  • You Left Me
    You left me, and the anguish passed,
    And passed the day, and passed the night-
    A blank in which my senses failed;
    Then slowly came an inward light....
  • Why?
    Why did I go where roses grew,
    And meadow larks which skyward flew
    From grasses sparkling in the dew,
    The yellow sunshine pouring through?...
  • We Must Wait
    The testimony of my loss and gain
    Will I give utterance to, though none may hear.
    When long ago, bereft of all I loved,
    I sought in Nature recompense, implored...
  • Vers De Societe
    This chain of white arms round the room-
    The demon waltz-bewilders me:
    Or am I drunk with this good wine?
    Vive la compagnie!...
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Tomkoenigs: “i must own that i am coarse by nature. at times i have an overwhelming perception of the back side of truth.”-elizabeth stoddard, letters. if i ever try to take on the stoddard book that i’ve long fantasized about writing, i might have to call it “the back side of truth.”
Gabbygiffords: 12 years ago today, i was meeting my constituents at a local safeway. then everything changed. six people were shot & killed: christina-taylor green, dorothy morris, judge john roll, phyllis schneck, dorwan stoddard, gabe zimmerman. i was shot in the head. 12 more were injured.
Friezeofficial: at the hunterian art gallery, glasgow, the artist activates the archives of scotland’s most influential carpet designers, james templeton & co ltd and stoddard international plc
Arvasarchives: new or updated finding aid: elizabeth stoddard letters to ella furman , mss 8266
Uofglasgowasc: tonight is the launch of the first solo exhibition in scotland by turner prize-winning artist elizabeth price! it explores the textile heritage of glasgow’s industrial age and is rooted in her research into the archives of the stoddard and templeton carpet and textile factories.
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