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  • Years That Are To Be
    Wild years that are to be
    The sad completion of my weary life,
    In ghostly mantles of despairing strife
    Your phanton dimness darkly shadows me!...
  • Winters On The Farm
    Glad winters on the olden farm!
    How raptures from those early times
    Commingle into fairy chimes
    Which gently banish cries of harm!...
  • When We Shall Meet
    When we shall meet, I strangely know
    The mad emotions that shall flow
    Across my heart all quivering,
    Beneath the raptures he shall bring...
  • When Thou Art Near
    When thou art near, with gladdest grace
    My heart is held in fond embrace,
    For laughing lips with raptures bless
    The toils and tears of my distress,...
  • When Fortunes Frown
    When fortunes frown, the woes, bedight
    With brooding shadows, bring the night,
    While dismal sorrows darkness dole,
    And disappointments rise and roll...
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Donmoyn: more miller's crossing trivia: j.e. freeman, who played the terrifying enforcer eddie dane, was discharged from the marines when he revealed he was gay, and was at stonewall when the riots kicked off. he wrote about the experience here.
Goodmanhoops: rhode island coach archie miller has dismissed guard brayon freeman from the program. freeman was averaging 14.3 points per game. transferred from gw.
Carl_e_miller: black history month: morgan freeman: which month is white history month, come on, tell me. reporter: i'm jewish. morgan: okay, which month is jewish history month. reporter: there isn't one
Gregg_e_miller: in other words, mind is already inherent in every electron, and the processes of human consciousness differ only in degree but not in kind from the processes of choice between quantum states which we call 'chance' when they are made by electrons." freeman dyson
Gregg_e_miller: the more i examine the universe and study the details of its architecture, the more evidence i find that the universe in some sense must have known that we were coming." freeman dyson
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I call this idle history the -Berry of the Yew;
Because there's nothing sweeter than its husk of scarlet glue,
And nothing half so bitter as its black core bitten through.
I loved, saw hope, and said so; learn'd that Laura loved again:
Why speak of joy then suffer'd? My head throbs, and I would fain
Find words to lay the spectre starting now before my brain.
She loved me: all things told it; eye to eye, and palm to palm:

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