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  • Years That Are To Be
    Wild years that are to be
    The sad completion of my weary life,
    In ghostly mantles of despairing strife
    Your phanton dimness darkly shadows me!...
  • Winters On The Farm
    Glad winters on the olden farm!
    How raptures from those early times
    Commingle into fairy chimes
    Which gently banish cries of harm!...
  • When We Shall Meet
    When we shall meet, I strangely know
    The mad emotions that shall flow
    Across my heart all quivering,
    Beneath the raptures he shall bring...
  • When Thou Art Near
    When thou art near, with gladdest grace
    My heart is held in fond embrace,
    For laughing lips with raptures bless
    The toils and tears of my distress,...
  • When Fortunes Frown
    When fortunes frown, the woes, bedight
    With brooding shadows, bring the night,
    While dismal sorrows darkness dole,
    And disappointments rise and roll...
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  • Nico_wiro: miller's crossing (1990) • cinematography by barry sonnenfeld • directed by joel coen and ethan coen • with gabriel byrne, marcia gay harden, john turturro, jon polito, j.e. freeman and albert finney
  • Ilikeridebike: i got you smart guy, i know what you are. straight as a corkscrew. mister inside-out-ski like some goddamn bolshevik picking up his orders from yegg central. - j.e. freeman brilliant as “eddie dane.” movie clip: miller's crossing (1990) dir. cohens.
  • Speederaserhead: j. e. freeman as "the dane" in miller's crossing
  • Englishwellbiz: luella miller by mary e. wilkins freeman
  • Colindickey: j e freeman, who played a string of unforgettable villains in the 90s, including eddie “the dane” in the coen bros.’s “miller’s crossing,” was at the stonewall inn the night of the riot, and his remembrance from 2012 is a stunning piece of writing.
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