To G. M. T Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The sun is sinking in the westA
Long grow the shadows dimB
Have patience sister to be blestA
Wait patiently for HimB
Thou knowest love much love hast hadC
Great things of love mayst tellD
Ought'st never to be very sadC
For thou too hast lov'd wellD
His house thou know'st who on the brinkE
Of death loved more than thouF
Loved more than thy great heart can thinkE
And just as then loves nowF
In that great house is one who waitsG
For thy slow coming footH
Glad is he with his angel matesG
Yet often listens muteI
For he of all men loves thee bestA
He haunts the heavenly clockJ
Ah he has long been up and drestA
To open to thy knockJ
Fear not doubt not because of thoseK
On whom earth's keen winds blowL
God's love shames all our pitying woesK
Be ready thou to goL
Forsaken dream not hearts which hereM
Bask in no sunny shineN
Each shall one coming day be dearO
To love as good as thineN

George Macdonald


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