The Wind And The Moon Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Said the Wind to the Moon I will blow you outA
You stareB
In the airB
As if crying BewareB
Always looking what I am aboutA
I hate to be watched I will blow you outA
The Wind blew hard and out went the MoonC
So deepD
On a heapD
Of clouds to sleepD
Down lay the Wind and slumbered soonC
Muttering low I've done for that MoonC
He turned in his bed she was there againE
On highF
In the skyF
With her one ghost eyeF
The Moon shone white and alive and plainG
Said the Wind I will blow you out againE
The Wind blew hard and the Moon grew slimH
With my sledgeI
And my wedgeI
I have knocked off her edgeI
I will blow said the Wind right fierce and grimH
And the creature will soon be slimmer than slimH
He blew and he blew and she thinned to a threadJ
One puffK
More's enoughK
To blow her to snuffK
One good puff more where the last was bredJ
And glimmer glimmer glum will go that threadJ
He blew a great blast and the thread was goneL
In the airB
Was a moonbeam bareB
Larger and nearer the shy stars shoneM
Sure and certain the Moon was goneL
The Wind he took to his revels once moreN
On downO
And in townO
A merry mad clownO
He leaped and holloed with whistle and roarN
When there was that glimmering thread once moreN
He flew in a rage he danced and blewP
But in vainG
Was the painG
Of his bursting brainG
For still the Moon scrap the broader grewP
The more that he swelled his big cheeks and blewP
Slowly she grew till she filled the nightQ
And shoneM
On her throneM
In the sky aloneM
A matchless wonderful silvery lightQ
Radiant and lovely the queen of the nightQ
Said the Wind What a marvel of power am IF
With my breathR
In good faithS
I blew her to deathR
First blew her away right out of the skyF
Then blew her in what a strength am IF
But the Moon she knew nought of the silly affairB
For highF
In the skyF
With her one white eyeF
Motionless miles above the airB
She never had heard the great Wind blareB

George Macdonald


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