The Unseen Face Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I do beseech thee God show me thy faceA
Come up to me in Sinai on the mornB
Thou shall behold as much as may be borneB
And on a rock stood Moses lone in spaceA
From Sinai's top the vaporous thunderous placeA
God passed in cloud an earthy garment wornB
To hide and thus reveal In love not scornB
He put him in a clift of the rock's baseA
Covered him with his hand his eyes to screenC
Passed lifted it his back alone appearsD
Ah Moses had he turned and hadst thou seenC
The pale face crowned with thorns baptized with tearsE
The eyes of the true man by men beliedF
Thou hadst beheld God's face and straightway diedF

George Macdonald


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