Sonnet. About Jesus. Xvii Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The highest marble Sorrow vanishesA
Before a weeping child The one doth seemB
The other is And wherefore do we dreamB
But that we live So I rejoice in thisC
That Thou didst cast Thyself in all the blissC
Of conscious strength into Life's torrent streamB
Thy deeds fresh life springs that with blessings teemB
Acting not painting rainbows o'er its hissC
Forgive me Lord if in these verses lieD
Mean thoughts and stains of my infirmityE
Full well I know that if they were as highD
In holy song as prophet's ecstasyE
'Tis more to Thee than this if I ah meE
Speak gently to a child for love of TheeE

George Macdonald


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