My Heart Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Night with her power to silence dayB
Filled up my lonely roomC
Quenching all sounds but one that layB
Beyond her passing doomC
Where in his shed a workman gayB
Went on despite the gloomC
I listened and I knew the soundD
And the trade that he was plyingE
For backwards forwards bound on boundD
A shuttle was flying flyingE
Weaving ever till all unwoundD
The weft go out a sighingE
As hidden in thy chamber lowestF
As in the sky the larkG
Thou mystic thing on working goestF
Without the poorest sparkG
And yet light's garment round me throwestF
Who else as thou were darkG
With body ever clothing meH
Thou mak'st me child of lightF
I look and Lo the earth and seaH
The sky's rejoicing heightF
A woven glory globed by theeH
Unknowing of thy mightF
And when thy darkling labours failI
And thy shuttle moveless liesJ
My world will drop like untied veilI
From before a lady's eyesJ
Or all night read a finished taleI
That in the morning diesJ
Yet not in vain dost thou unrollI
The stars the world the seasK
A mighty wonder painted scrollI
Of Patmos mysteriesK
Thou mediator 'twixt my soulI
And higher things than theseK
Thy holy ephod bound on meH
I pass into a seerL
For still in things thou mak'st me seeH
The unseen grows more clearM
Still their indwelling DeityH
Speaks plainer in mine earL
Divinely taught the craftsman isN
Who waketh wonderingsN
Whose web the nursing chrysalisN
Round Psyche's folded wingsN
To them transfers the lovelinessN
Of its inwoven thingsN
Yet joy when thou shalt cease to beatF
For a greater heart beats onO
Whose better texture follows fleetF
On thy last thread outrunP
With a seamless woven garment meetF
To clothe a death born sonP

George Macdonald


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