A Song In The Night Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


A brown bird sang on a blossomy treeA
Sang in the moonshine merrilyA
Three little songs one two and threeA
A song for his wife for himself and meA
He sang for his wife sang low sang highB
Filling the moonlight that filled the skyB
Thee thee I love thee heart aliveC
Thee thee thee and thy round eggs fiveC
He sang to himself What shall I doD
With this life that thrills me through and throughD
Glad is so glad that it turns to acheE
Out with it song or my heart will breakE
He sang to me Man do not fearF
Though the moon goes down and the dark is nearF
Listen my song and rest thine eyesG
Let the moon go down that the sun may riseG
I folded me up in the heart of his tuneH
And fell asleep with the sinking moonH
I woke with the day's first golden gleamI
And lo I had dreamed a precious dreamI

George Macdonald


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