Denial Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


When my devotions could not pierceA
Thy silent earsB
Then was my heart broken as was my verseC
My breast was full of fearsB
And disorderD
My bent thoughts like a brittle bowE
Did fly asunderD
Each took his way some would to pleasures goF
Some to the wars and thunderD
Of alarmsG
As good go any where they sayH
As to benumbI
Both knees and heart in crying night and dayH
Come come my God O comeI
But no hearingJ
O that thou shouldst give dust a tongueK
To cry to theeL
And then not hear it crying all day longM
My heart was in my kneeL
But no hearingJ
Therefore my soul lay out of sightN
Untuned unstrungJ
My feeble spirit unable to look rightN
Like a nipped blossom hungJ
O cheer and tune my heartless breastP
Defer no timeI
That so thy favors granting my requestP
They and my mind may chimeI
And mend my rimeI

George Herbert


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