Bob White Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I see you on the zigzag railsA
You cheery little fellowB
While purple leaves are whirling downC
And scarlet brown and yellowB
I hear you when the air is fullD
Of snow down of the thistleE
All in your speckled jacket trimF
Bob White Bob White you whistleE
Tall amber sheaves in rustling rowsG
Are nodding there to greet youH
I know that you are out for playI
How I should like to meet youH
Though blithe of voice so shy you areJ
In this delightful weatherK
What splendid playmates you and IL
Bob White would make togetherK
There you are gone but far awayI
I hear your whistle fallingM
Ah may be it is hide and seekN
And that's why you are callingM
Along those hazy uplands wideO
We'd be such merry rangersP
What silent now and hidden tooH
Bob White don't let's be strangersP
Perhaps you teach your brood the gameQ
In yonder rainbowed thicketR
While winds are playing with the leavesS
And softly creaks the cricketT
Bob White Bob White again I hearU
That blithely whistled chorusV
Why should we not companions beW
One Father watches o'er usV

George Cooper


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