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  • Bob White
    I see you, on the zigzag rails,
    You cheery little fellow!
    While purple leaves are whirling down,
    And scarlet, brown, and yellow....
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  • Hammersmikey: released on this day in 1988, george harrison’s second track from cloud nine “when we was fab” - the single had excellent artwork from klaus voormann with a nod to revolver & a ‘gear’ video helped by ringo, elton, jeff lynne & ray cooper ...fab !
  • Ryansenaga: on page 9 of 528 of land and power in hawaii, by george cooper
  • Bibo_george: considering ambitiouz entertainment’s marketing reach, had fifi cooper stayed with the label, she would’ve been up there with boity & nadia.
  • Hatfieldsports: final stats for green run - jaiden mcintosh 23pts. 7-8 3's, 6ast. 4stl. jacob cooper 23pts. 9-12fg, 7ast. 4reb. elijah kennedy 11pts. 7stl. 6ast. george wilson 10pts. 7reb. 5ast. 4stl. stallions - 35-64fg, 9-21 3's, 6-9ft, 30reb. 26ast. 8to's, 2blk. 24stl.
  • Cometomywidow: in 2004, then presidential nominees john kerry and george w. bush held a debate at asu, where i was finishing my senior year. the campus was abuzz in journalists, news outlets & excited constituents waving flags. anderson cooper was hosting a live show and (cont)
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Songs Set To Music: 16. Set By Mr. Smith
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Accept, my Love, as true a heart
As ever lover gave;
'Tis free (it vows) from my art,
And proud to be your slave.

Then take it kindly, as 'twas meant,
And let the giver live,
Who with it would the world have sent

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