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VirginiaHaradon: George Floyd, Minneapolis Protests, Ahmaud Arbery & Amy Cooper | The Dai...

bsnuggs: George Floyd, Minneapolis Protests, Ahmaud Arbery & Amy Cooper | The Dai...

debssaylor: George Floyd, Minneapolis Protests, Ahmaud Arbery & Amy Cooper | The Dai...

ShrugsHugs: P.S. Just a day before the George Floyd video came out, there was great public outcry about an incident wherein a white woman, Amy Cooper tried to call the police on a black man, Christian Cooper (no relation), apparently weaponizing his race against him for a minor incident

GodIsPEACEnLUV: If anyone loves me in return please come get me cuz I can’t take much more of my mom and society’s cruel harsh criticism. Everyday everyone just cruel insults me and tears me down. Classless people like my mom, grandpa George & Anderson Cooper criticize me.

kidwell_george: Gary Cooper

GodIsPEACEnLUV: Anderson Cooper makes me cry just like my grandpa George. People are stupid cuz they believe lies and rumors about me. In response to your nasty criticism I am good in bed cuz I was told, I am bright, Had I not had health issues I would have finished my education & own a home.

RFZFFNow: Update Keepers: Derrick Henry - 2nd (Steve) Cooper Kupp - 5th (Dale) Aaron Jones - 8th (Marine) Devin Singletary - 9th (Evan) George Kittle - 12th (Jaron) Austin Hooper - 14th (Chaz)

FaceShoppy: Activist Rachel Cargle Explains What It Means to Be Actively Anti-Racist

PalmwinePapi__: Ryan Gosling, Brad Cooper and George Clooney said shut up

Caddicarus: I’ve been informed from multiple people and others in the know that this, is in fact, THE George from Gaming in the Clinton Years. Absolutely touched. Thank you. Keep doing you, dude <3

CDCHistory: Henry Cooper and George Best, two 70's stars enjoying their cards

FeylisFey: Today they're the industrial military complex? Answer to Who was George Washington talking about in 1779 when he said, "This tribe of black gentry work more effectually against us, than the enemy's arms.. by Brent Cooper

MuzikkMann42: George Floyd, Minneapolis Protests, Ahmaud Arbery & Amy Cooper | The Dai...

charles2778: George Floyd, Minneapolis Protests, Ahmaud Arbery & Amy Cooper | The Dai...

em_cooper: Jebus George Michael was BEAUTIFUL

74toppsproj: John Briggs could rake. Him, George Scott, and Cecil Cooper were probably the best hitters in franchise history until Robin Yount started winning MVPs. He played his last pro year with the Lotte Orions in Japan in 1976.

RickyCo52030346: Hay Jeff Cooper it's all love I remember when used to play this in you red Mercury I will be out there who better than hanging on the block and you got Teena Marie playing on the 8th track have rest in peace cousin George

DavidJHarrisJr: Is it possible George Floyd, Not Derek Chauvin, Killed George Floyd?


PaulJonMilne: Heaering rumours Disney have bought the rights to Dennis Cooper, and George Miles is joining the Avengers. Look out for the 12 variant covers of his first appearance!

LeBrunJames81: Lieutenant George Cooper, Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit, talking with Captain R.T. Miller, his brother-in-law, who is aboard a Humber light reconnaissance car, Caen, France, 11 July 1944. Credit: Michael Dean.

FisherAdora: George Floyd, Minneapolis Protests, Ahmaud Arbery & Amy Cooper | Treavor Noah

jamesmctyre3: George Floyd, Minneapolis Protests, Ahmaud Arbery & Amy Cooper | The Dai...

darryl_novotny: Someone tried to offer me Cooper Kupp, Austin Hooper and a 3rd round pick in exchange for George Kittle and 2 2nd round picks. My response??

michaellittle93: My friend Luke said George Floyd and Amy Cooper was the same day and I looked it up and he's right.

nickiminajisqu8: Cooper Wagoner Logan Nickolas Camera Man Sophia Profitt These three students have remade and mock the death of George Floyd. They went to greenfield high in Illinois 46140

Adrian_Dalby: The Saint: The Death Game Roger Moore, Angela Douglas, Alan MacNaughtan, George Murcell, John Steiner, Bernard Horsfall, Ivor Dean, Katharine Schofield, Stuart Cooper, Rick Jones, Karen Ford, Michael Anthony ITV4 12.20pm

DerekWinnert: The Gay Falcon (1941) is stylish, fast and funny. George Sanders gives his smooth and polished performance, a masterclass in seeming effortless....

AttorneyCrump: I represent the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor. Join me as I share the latest news and information about their landmark cases.

drjendwilliams: You Want to Talk About Racism? Pay Me

crockpics: John Lennon's Rolls Royce and George Harrison's Mini Cooper.

innergothic: [Something new for your syllabus...] The perils of being black in public: we are all Christian Cooper and George Floyd | Carolyn Finney

Lori_Garver: And those mentors who may or may not be on twitter - that I didn't find to tag: Aschley Schiller, Ashley Zauderer, Caitlin Marsh, Carol Lane, Debra Facktor, George Nield, Kaitlyn Johnson, Karina Drees, Michelle Murray, Patricia Cooper, Rebecca Spyke Keiser, Rob Meyerson

michaeldweiss: “I don’t want George Washington’s statue to be pulled down any more than I want the Purple Heart that he established to be ripped off my chest. I never said that I did.”

cooper_smith7: George Strait over anything

DustinD1234: George Strait really doesn’t have a bad song

siennamarla: NEW: Open Labour endorses Ann Black (CLP rep), Jermain Jackman (for both CLP and youth rep), George Lindars-Hammond (disability rep) and Alice Perry (local government).

TheRedDiva: Is it just me or has he lost his mind the very day that this incident went down is the same day George Floyd was killed if I was him I would throw the book at her Birdwatcher not cooperating with investigation into Central Park 'Karen' Amy Cooper

DaltonDiles: Just like that 62 yard pass! TOUCHDOWN ZIPS! George chase to Matt Cooper. What a 4th down play! Montana state 14-14 Zips :43 left in the half.

weinchang: Keeping the Peace: New Details in George Floyd Death, Amy Cooper to be C...

equityforwho: This announcement came on June 16th, 2020, weeks after students have been justifiably outraged at the inaction and silence on BJ Rye (the “n-word” prof), Amy Cooper (The Central Park Karen), and the police and state-sanctioned murders of George Floyd, Regis Korchinski-PaqueT PT1

SoniaMeggie: Great resources for anyone who wants to learn more about race and racism.

graypelican: Everyone must learn to use their phones to record videos. We wouldn't have seen the murder of George Floyd without the video. Also for Amy Cooper and many others - including this awful woman. Be ready to expose these idiots and murderers.

davidmackau: “Momma, I love you. Tell my kids I love them. I’m dead.”

TrumpBot7000: I was a good student. Little Anderson Cooper 360 never had any intention of voting for this Bill, which young, low level volunteer named George loves. Together, we will MAGA!

Ivanka_ebooks: Cooper-Jones, the tragic death of George Floyd by General Charles Brown, confirmed today as….

b0xingfan: Evander’s resume; Mike Tyson (twice), Riddick Bowe, George Foreman, Dwight Muhammad Qawi (twice), Carlos De Leon, Larry Holmes, Michael Moorer, Buster Douglas, Hasim Rahman, Pinklon Thomas, Michael Dokes, Henry Tillman, Ray Mercer, Bert Cooper, James Tillis & Ossie Ocasio.

JustMrPhillips: Mind you, George Floyd died on May 25. Protests quickly followed. Yet, it took some white people six weeks to grow tired of simply hearing the idea that Black lives are something worth preserving. Six. Weeks.

_kelliieee: Amy Cooper’s call could’ve (and has) ended in a George Floyd situation but I guess he doesn’t see it that way.

geomacjohnson: You know what happened across the South Dr. Birx? Trump and his disgusting Republican governors opened up everything and told people they didn't have to wear masks or socially distance. Not like our great governor of NC, Roy Cooper.

Toure: I don’t understand the people saying "Amy Cooper has suffered enough.” She has not. She tried to get Christian Cooper arrested. Surely she knew there was a chance he could be violently hurt or killed. The public humiliation she has suffered is nothing. She deserves time.

AccioBooks: The deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, etc. and the possible near death of Christian Cooper has very little to do with the lack of leadership re: COVID. It's white supremacy that ultimately led to the above, to Trump being in this position and you for having a plaform.

kendallybrown: My opinion on the Christian Cooper news is that I don't have a right to have an opinion and sort of think other white people should sit this one out too.

eugenegu: Christian Cooper has every right to forgive anyone he wants as a private citizen. But Amy Cooper falsely accusing him of threatening her life isn’t just a crime against Cooper. It’s a crime against all people of color who’ve been falsely accused in our system of white supremacy.

katiebrotten: Christian Cooper is a friend of a friend, and has an amazing, loving character. This situation, along with George Floyd, has started a new awakening. If he doesn’t want to do this, that’s his choice. Others can take the lead now.

FredTJoseph: The Christian Cooper story is disappointing, but not surprising. Our community upholds white supremacy very often. I'm not sure what deterrent he's referring to, seeing as after Amy Cooper was outed, there were numerous instances around the country of others doing the exact same.

SincerelyTops: Well that’s too bad. This isn’t just about Christian Cooper tbh, it’s much bigger than him. Amy Cooper should absolutely be charged, perhaps it will serve as a lesson and a deterrent to others who think they can play around with the lives of Black people

ImKnotTheOne: Had Amy Cooper succeeded and Christian Cooper ended up like George Floyd, I am skeptical she would have felt remorse for his death?! I can appreciate his willingness to forgive, however; folks need to learn that 911 isn’t meant as a customer service hotline to remove blacks!

wildstein: Cumberland Freeholder Update: Donna Pearson leads Bruce Cooper by 27 votes, with about 2,000 votes left to count. Carol Musso lead now about 1700, George Castellini +400.

BuCap004: Anderson Cooper

mathewsjw: Christian Cooper's Will Not Cooperate With George Soros Funded Cyrus Vance DA's Political Persecution Of Amy "Karen" Cooper

alextatiracanal: Christian Cooper can do what he wants, but there's a perception that Black people are TOO forgiving. Other people think they can treat us how they see fit because there WON'T be severe consequences. The way the police treated George Floyd & others is a perfect example of that!

wildstein: Cumberland Democratic freeholder primary: Bruce Cooper (3,902) has now passed Donna Pearson (3,882). Incumbents Carol Musso (4,843) & George Castellini (4,092) lead. Tracey Wells-Huggins (3,414) and incumbent Jack Surrency (3,159) trail.

genesisahtty: any cooper felt that his mere presence & proximity was a threat to her life bc she had yet to check her biases that are inherently racist. she cried wolf & defaulted to the only thing white women know can save them: their white tears. george could be dead if things had escalated.

wildstein: Cumberland Democratic freeholders Carol Musso (2,870) & George Castellini (2,460) lead, along with off-the-line candidate Donna Pearson (2,434). Others: Bruce Cooper (2,387), Tracy Huggins (2,195), and incumbent Jack Surrency (2,054). Cooper ran on the line.

BLMBullshit: Trump attacks: John McCain Mitt Romney Ted Cruz Jim Acosta George Bush Anderson Cooper Mark Cuban Bernie Sanders Chuck Todd Notice the pattern everyone? Trump is racist against white men!

ThisIsJMichael: Conflating multiple issues. Equivalent of those who blame George Soros. Coded language. Riley Cooper should've been ex-communicated. But what-about-ism isn't a logical position. Rule of thumb: if you ever find yourself embracing what you think is from Hitler......... STOP

LeBrunJames81: Personnel of the Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit with their jeep, Gruchy, France, 9 July 1944. (L-R): Lieutenant Michael M. Dean, Driver Charlie Ross, Lieutenant George A. Cooper. Credit: Michael M. Dean.

TheDoubleR72: Henry (r) and George Cooper with their mother Lily, the day after Henry won the Commonwealth heavyweight championship against Brian London, January 13, 1959. Look at the bruise on ‘Enry’s left knuckle!

Olmikelaaawry: Again. All this outrage. Desean should be getting an extension not a suspension based off past transactions with Riley Cooper. You don’t have one tweet regarding the killing of George Floyd or Breonna Taylor. So what you really mad at?

misterdickard1: Amy Cooper is a Pete donor! George Floyd's medical examiner needs to be arrested because I don't know how autopsies work! The guy who vaguely meets the description of a racist cyclist needs to be doxxed! <reads the Harper letter> What are they even *talking* about?

RobbySoMobby_: So when Joey Bosa, Nick Chubb, Maxx Crosby, George Kittle, Cooper Kupp, TJ Watt, Darius Leonard, Fred Warner, Minkah Fitzpatrick (and ima jus stop right there because ima run outta characters) are all of their rookie contracts will this still be true? Lmaoooo

hofrench: In its own way I found this case to be every bit as damning a reflection our society as the George Floyd killing. "Amy Cooper Faces Charges After Calling Police on Black Bird Watcher"

natalie_allison: New in Tennessee’s U.S. Senate race: Internal Manny Sethi poll out to donors today has him down 2 points in primary against Bill Hagerty, who Trump has endorsed. Sethi has been trailing double digits. Hagerty: 33% Sethi: 31% (+16 since June 2) Undecided: 30% George Flinn: 6%

archivetvmus71: Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em (29th March 1973). There's a memorable guest spot from George A. Cooper in this episode.

JirouMom: Part 17: What songs by the following classic rock bands do you hear the most? Grateful Dead Eric Clapton Deep Purple Jethro Tull Alice Cooper Motley Crue Poison George Harrison Edgar Winter Group Robert Palmer

ABU2fan78: A birdwatcher, a dog and Amy Cooper. Another viral racial incident in America

Garyman1968: You will notice that the States who is run by Democrats like North Carolina is still stuck in so-called phase 2 and must wear masks. Have received money from George Soros.

ARodriguezz23: Could be any of the three: Russel Wilson/George Kittle/Cooper Kupp.

uglycoltbennett: If you listen to Tyler Childers Joe Wetzel Kolby Cooper Cody Jinks Triston Marez Hardy Whiskey Meyers Cody Johnson Carlton Anderson Colt Ford Upchurch Jon Pardi Parker McCollum Bishop Gunn George Strait Garth Brooks Alan Jackson Travis Denning Buddy Brown Tracy Byrd We good

uglycoltbennett: If you listen to (new) Tyler Childers Koe Wetzel Kolby Cooper Cody Jinks Triston Marez Hardy Whiskey Meyers Cody Johnson Carlton Anderson Colter Wall Parker McCollum Bishop Gunn George Strait Garth Brooks Alan Jackson Benjamin Tod Johnny Cash Turnpike Troubadours We good

PTAlanSwann: Posh closing in on a new assistant manager. They're 90% of the way there.

markoah: CNN commentator says black community should be more worried about ‘the white liberal Hillary Clinton supporter’ than white racists

philippa_uk: .... ? ✋ Mary Shelley Jane Austen Loiusa May Alcott George Elliott The Brontes E Nesbit LM Montgomery Richmal Compton Enid Blyton Angela Brazil Noel Streatfeild Pamela Brown Lorna Hill Susan Cooper Anne McCaffrey Tove Jansson

TheDoubleR72: Henry (r) and George Cooper with their mother Lily, the day after Henry won the Commonwealth heavyweight championship against Brian London, January 13, 1959. Look at the bruising on ‘Enry’s left knuckle!

SayyidAsim: In light of the Amy Cooper case George Floyd this national upswing of shootings? people shouldn't be so gullible all these shootings notice no white people are being shot It's the Police!

1310NEWS: Amy Cooper’s 911 call was seen by many as a stark example of everyday racism and fueled outrage in the period leading up to the street protests sparked by the police custody death of George Floyd.

George_Issa25: The same people that want DeSean Jackson cut are the same people that didn’t say shit when Riley Cooper got a extension lol

v1ckster25: I said it the day the George Floyd news hit and I'll say it again. George Floyd is why Amy Cooper belongs in jail.

ToneMason: Incase y’all forgot..That thug Amy Cooper and her grotesque act of attempting to file a false report against a innocent Black birdwatcher and the murder of George Floyd by villainous badge carrying gun slinging THUGS happened on the same day.

col1bkw: Amy Cooper, racist dog choker to be charged says DA +George Floyd, Amy K...

25thframefod: Souls At Sea Retweet if you liked this film.

mickey94114: George Floyd, Minneapolis Protests, Ahmaud Arbery & Amy Cooper | The Dai...

BKBoroHall: I see historical significance in the fact that the video of Amy Cooper calling the police on an innocent Black man in Central Park, and the footage of Derek Chauvin pressing his knee into George Floyd's neck, surfaced within hours of each other.

cci_001: The without issues brainless liberal-conservative cultural wars for votes money and power fuels the extreme political left and right! What happened to Mao Tse Tung & George Lincoln Rockwell? Politicized Manhattan DA woman over viral Central Park 911 call

DeevineH: Cuff Hayes, Charrles Reason, Fanny Jackson Coppin, William Cooper Nell, Thomas Downing, George T. Downing, James McCune Smith, Frederick Douglass, and Caesar Dickenson. ->

RWealth47: Amy Cooper, racist dog choker to be charged says DA +George Floyd, Amy K...

ProvAtlantic: Stares in George Eliot, Mary Shelley, Toni Morrison, Jamaica Kincaid, Margaret Atwood, Jane Austen, Alice Walker, Harper Lee, Octavia Butler, Kate Chopin, Arundhati Roy, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Amy Tan, Harriett A. Wilson, Sandra Cisneros, Anna Julia Cooper, & Zora Neale Hurston.

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