George Canning Hope Poems

  • 1.
    What holy rites Mohammed's laws ordain,
    What various duties bind his faithful train,--
    What pious zeal his scatter'd tribes unites
    In fix'd observance of these holy rites,--
  • 2.
    Though short thy span, God's unimpeach'd decrees,
    Which made that shorten'd span one long disease,
    Yet merciful in chastening, gave thee scope
    For mild, redeeming virtues, Faith and Hope;
  • 3.
    When, by th' Almighty's dread command
    Elijah, call'd from Israel's land,
    Rose in the sacred flame,
  • 4.
    When the broad-bottom
    'd Junto, with reason at strife,
    Resign'd, with a sigh, its political life;
    When converted to Rome, and of honesty tired,
  • 5.
    Though short thy space, God's unimpeach'd decrees
    Which made that shorten'd space one long disease;
    Yet, merciful in chast'ning, gave thee scope
    For mild redeeming virtues, faith and hope,
  • 6.
    From mental mists to purge a nation's eyes;
    To animate the weak, unite the wise;
    To trace the deep infection, that prevades
    The crowded town, and taints the rural shades;
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