Madness Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


What darkens what darkens 't is heaven's high roofA
What lightens 't is Heckla's flame shooting aloofA
The proud the majestic the rugged old ThorB
The mightiest giant the North ever sawC
Transform'd to a mountain stands there in the fieldD
With ice for his corslet and rock for his shieldD
With thunder for voice and with fire for tongueE
He stands there so frightful with vapour o'erhungE
On that other side of the boisterous seaF
Black Vulcan as haughty as ever was heF
Stands chang'd to a mountain call'd Etna by nameG
Which belches continually oceans of flameG
Much blood have they spilt and much harm have they doneH
For both when the ancient religions were goneI
Combin'd their wild strength to destroy the new raceJ
Who were boldly beginning their shrines to defaceJ
O Jesus of Nazareth draw forth the bladeK
Of vengeance and speed to thy worshippers' aidK
Beat down the old gods cut asunder their mailL
Amen brother Christians why look ye so paleL

George Borrow


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