The Swan Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I'll leave the mortal world behindA
Take wing in an flight fantasticalB
With singing my eternal soulB
Will rise up swan like in the airC
Possessing two immortal traitsD
In Purgatory I won't not lingerE
But rising over jealousyF
I'll leave behind me kingdoms' shineG
'Tis so Though not renowned by birthH
I am the muses favoriteI
From other notables a world apartJ
I'll be preferred by death itselfK
The tomb will not confine meF
I will not turn to dust among the starsL
But like a heavenly set of pipesM
My voice will ring out from the skyN
And now I see that feathered skinO
My figure covers all aroundP
My breast is downy and my back is wingedQ
I shine with pearly swan like whiteR
I fly I soar and see belowB
The world entire oceans woodsS
Like mountains they lift up their headsT
To hear my lofty hymn to GodU
From Kuril Islands to the river BugV
From White Sea to the CaspianW
Peoples from half the worldX
Of whom the Russian race's comprisedY
Will hear of me in timeZ
Slavs Huns the Scythians and FinnsA2
And others locked today in battleB
Will point at me and they'll pronounceB2
quot There flies the one who tuned his lyreC2
To speak the language of the heartJ
And preaching peace to the whole worldX
Enjoyed the happiness of all quotX
Forget a big and stately funeralB
My friends Cease singing muses' choirE
My wife With patience gird yourselfK
Don't keen upon what seems a corpseD2

Gavrila Romanovich Derzhavin


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