Gavrila Romanovich Derzhavin

Gavrila Romanovich Derzhavin Poems

  • 1.  
    O, Voice of time! O, metal's clang!
    Your dreadful call distresses me,
    Your groan doth beckon, beckon me
    It beckons, brings me closer to my grave.
  • 2.  
    O Thou, who's infinite in space,
    Alive in ever-moving matter,
    Eternal in the flow of time,
    God faceless, with a trinity of faces!
  • 3.  
    He's risen - Highest God - to do the judgment, fair,
    Of the earthly ones in their whole band;
    How long - he sad - how long will you else spare
    The unjust and wicked people in your land.
  • 4.  
    I built myself a monument, eternal and miraculous,
    It's higher than the Pyramids, than metal it is harder;
    Swift winds and thunder cannot knock it down
    The flight of time cannot demolish it.
  • 5.  
    The current of time's river
    Will carry off all human deeds
    And sink into oblivion
    All peoples, kingdoms and their kings.
  • 6.  
    Why do you strike up songs military
    Fife-like, o, bullfinch, my friend?
    Who'll take the lead in our fight with Hell's forces?
    Who will command us? What Hercules?
  • 7.  
    God-like Tsarevna
    Of the Kirgiz-Kaisatskii horde!
    Whose wisdom matchless
    Opened the true path
  • 8.  
    A sweet-voiced bird's been caught.
    They squeeze it in a vice-like grip.
    The poor thing squeaks and warbles not
    But they insist: "O, birdie, sing!"
  • 9.  
    I'll leave the mortal world behind,
    Take wing in an flight fantastical,
    With singing, my eternal soul
    Will rise up swan-like in the air.
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