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  • On The Death Of Prince Meshchersky
    O, Voice of time! O, metal's clang!
    Your dreadful call distresses me,
    Your groan doth beckon, beckon me
    It beckons, brings me closer to my grave. ...
  • God
    O Thou, who's infinite in space,
    Alive in ever-moving matter,
    Eternal in the flow of time,
    God faceless, with a trinity of faces! ...
  • To Rulers And Judges
    He's risen - Highest God - to do the judgment, fair,
    Of the earthly ones in their whole band;
    How long - he sad - how long will you else spare
    The unjust and wicked people in your land....
  • Monument
    I built myself a monument, eternal and miraculous,
    It's higher than the Pyramids, than metal it is harder;
    Swift winds and thunder cannot knock it down
    The flight of time cannot demolish it....
  • The Current Of Time's River
    The current of time's river
    Will carry off all human deeds
    And sink into oblivion
    All peoples, kingdoms and their kings....
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Time 6 Death 5 Sea 5 Heart 5 God 5 Great 4 Fate 4 Eternal 4 Soul 4 World 4

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  • Borovikovsky: portrait of gavrila romanovich derzhavin, 1811
  • Borovikovsky: portrait of gavrila romanovich derzhavin, 1811
  • Borovikovsky: portrait of gavrila romanovich derzhavin, 1811
  • Pinandpuller: while christian merchants and townsmen did not obtain these rights...since the start of the reign of paul i there was a great famine in white russia, especially in the province of minsk. the poet gavrila romanovich derzhavin, then serving as senator, was commissioned
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