Gamaliel Bradford Long Poems

  • 1.
    I've been a hopeless sinner, but I understand a
    Their bend of weary knees and their con-
    tortions long and faint,
  • 2.
    Who cares,
    Though age oppress,
    And griefs distress,
    And the long, long day
  • 3.
    I had visited her often,
    Long had sought, with vain endeavor,
    Her obdurate heart to soften;
    But she answered, 'never, never.'
  • 4.
    Sing a little, play a little,
    Laugh a little; for
    Life is so extremely brittle,
    Who would think of more?
  • 5.
    The ghost of night's long hours depart
    In congregation dreary,
    And leave my sorrow-trampled heart
    Intolerably weary.
  • 6.
    The idle wind blows all the day.
    I wish it blew my care away.
    The idle wind blows all day long
    And weaves a burden to my song
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