Gamaliel Bradford Delight Poems

  • 1.
    A bit of metaphysics or a psychologic catch
    Will sit upon my breast all day and scratch and scratch and
    scratch. Now isn't it a pity that the ragged thorns of culture Should be tearing at my vitals, as Prometheus's the vulture?

  • 2.
    Others make verses of grace.
    Mine are all muscle and sinew.
    Others can picture your face.
    But I all the tumult within you.
  • 3.
    Who cares,
    Though age oppress,
    And griefs distress,
    And the long, long day
  • 4.
    You really can't imagine how I love the ancient Greeks.
    I love the dancing language where their mobile spirit speaks.
    I love the songs of Homer, flowing on like streams of light,
    With a touch of human kindness in the splendid shock of fight.
  • 5.
    The passage of dead leaves in spring
    Is like the aged vanishing.
    Amid the bustle and delight
    Of beauty thronging sound and sight,
  • 6.
    Down come the leaves,
    Like fleeting years,
    Or idle tears
    Of love that grieves.
  • 7.
    The idle wind blows all the day.
    I wish it blew my care away.
    The idle wind blows all day long
    And weaves a burden to my song
  • 8.
    They met, as it were, in a mist,
    Pale, curious, eager, uncertain.
    When each clasped the other and kissed,
    The mist rolled aside like a curtain.
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