Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev Nature Poems

  • 1.
    Nature is not as you imagine her:
    She's not a mold, nor yet a soulless mask-
    She is made up of soul and freedom
    She is made up of love and speech . . .
  • 2.
    The earth a cheerless look still wears,
    But spring's breath is already swaying
    The dead stalks in the field and playing
    With boughs as yet of leafage bare.
  • 3.
    Nature's a Sphinx. And her ordeal
    Is all the more destructive to mankind
    Because, perhaps, she has no riddle.
    Nor did she ever have one.
  • 4.
    How tuneful is the voice of sea,
    What true accord in ocean's murmur,
    And in the reed's light, rhythmic tremour
    What tender musicality!
  • 5.
    Here, at a meagre earth, despondent
    And listless stare the dull grey skies,
    And, as if plunged in leaden slumber,
    A eary nature moveless lies.
  • 6.
    Columbus, take your laurel wreath!
    You've done the map of whole Earth and Nations
    And finished to the end the list
    Of deals, unfinished in the word's creation.
  • 7.
    Est in arundineis modulatio musica ripis

    In ocean waves there's melody
    There's harmony within the clash of elements,
  • 8.
    There is a song in the sea waves,
    A concord - in the spats of nature,
    And a reed, by a tune of rustle captured,
    In the flood of music gently sways.
  • 9.
    I love a storm in early May
    When springtime's boisterous, firstborn thunder
    Over the sky will gaily wander
    And growl and roar as though in play.
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