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Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon (January 12, 1829 – September 20, 1879), born Rosanna Eleanor Mullins, was a Canadian writer and poet. She was "one of the first English-Canadian writers to depict French Canada in a way that earned the praise of, and resulted in her novels being read by, both anglophone and francophone Canadians."


Leprohon was born on January 12, 1829, in Montreal to Francis and Rosanna Mullins. The second daughter of a wealthy merchant, she was educated at the Convent of the Congregation of Notre Dame. She later wrote the poems "A Touching Ceremony" and "On the Death of the Same Reverend Nun" to honor the nuns and convent.She "published her first poetry, at age 17, in Literary Garland, followed by serialized novels of manners set in England, publis...
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Plastic_bio: ...the wild flowers blooming in hushed solitudestart not at the whispering, 'tis but the breeze - rosanna eleanor leprohon
Plastic_bio: thy soft-breathed hopes with magic mighthave chased from my soul the shades of night - rosanna eleanor leprohon
Plastic_bio: how hushed and still are earth and air,how lanquid 'neath the sun's firece ray-drooping and faint flowers fair,on this hot, sultry, summer day! - rosanna eleanor leprohon
Venetiajane: "a few short months of snow and storm, of winter's chilling reign, and summer, with smiles and glances warm, will g...
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