Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev God Poems

  • 1.
    You often watched him on the high life's level, -
    The gaily-selfish or with gloomy sight,
    Or full of thoughts, or scatted one and wild,
    As poets are - and you've scorned him forever!
  • 2.
    When the sequence of the earthly years is over -
    The earthly structure is, at last, destroyed -
    All that was seen will vanish under water,
    Which will reflect the image of the God.
  • 3.
    Oh, those eyes! I have them known!
    How I loved them - knows God!
    From their night of charm and throe,
    I couldn't tear away my heart.
  • 4.
    Columbus, take your laurel wreath!
    You've done the map of whole Earth and Nations
    And finished to the end the list
    Of deals, unfinished in the word's creation.
  • 5.
    The sadness gripped my heart - and dimly
    Came the remembrance of the old,
    When all was going well and simply,
    And life - a dream of the real world.
  • 6.
    When life is but a round of crushing care
    And, a great heap of stones, lies heavy on us,
    There suddenly, God knows how, why, upon us
    A joyous mood descends... Of balmy air
  • 7.
    All day she quiet lay, lost in a trance,
    The closing shadows all of her embracing...
    The madcap rain of summer frisked and pranced,
    At leaves it drummed, down garden paths went racing.
Total 7 God Poems by Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev

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