Frederick William (fw) Harvey Long Poems

  • 1.
    Once, I remember, when we were at home
    I had come into church, and waited late,
    Ere lastly kneeling to communicate
    Alone : and thinking that you would not come.
  • 2.
    Comrades of risk and rigour long ago
    Who have done battle under honour's name,
    Hoped (living or shot down) some meed of fime,
    And wooed bright Danger for a thrilling kiss, รข??
  • 3.
    I CAN NOT give you happiness :
    For wishes long have ceased to bring
    The Fortune which to page and king
    They brought in those good centuries,
  • 4.
    Dear, rash, warm-hearted friend.

    So careless of the end,

  • 5.
    God dreamed a man;
    Then, having firmly shut
    Life like a precious metal in his fist
    Withdrew, His labour done. Thus did begin
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