Who is Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal

Elizabeth Eleanor Siddall (25 July 1829 – 11 February 1862), better known as Elizabeth Siddal, was an English artist, poet, and artists' model. Significant collections of her artworks can be found at Wightwick Manor and the Ashmolean. Siddal was painted and drawn extensively by artists of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, including Walter Deverell, William Holman Hunt, John Everett Millais (including his notable 1852 painting Ophelia), and especially by her husband, Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

Early life

Elizabeth Eleanor Siddall, named after her mother, was born on 25 July 1829, at the family's home at 7 Charles Street, Hatton Garden. Her parents were Charles Crooke Siddall, and Elizabeth Eleanor Evans, from a family of English and Welsh descent. She had two older sib...
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Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal Poems

  • At Last
    O mother, open the window wide
    And let the daylight in;
    The hills grow darker to my sight
    And thoughts begin to swim. ...
  • Worn Out
    Thy strong arms are around me, love
    My head is on thy breast;
    Low words of comfort come from thee
    Yet my soul has no rest. ...
  • Dead Love
    Oh never weep for love thatâ??s dead
    Since love is seldom true
    But changes his fashion from blue to red,
    From brightest red to blue, ...
  • True Love
    Farewell, Earl Richard,
    Tender and brave;
    Kneeling I kiss
    The dust from thy grave. ...
  • Early Death
    Oh grieve not with thy bitter tears
    The life that passes fast;
    The gates of heaven will open wide
    And take me in at last. ...
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Jstor_daily: elizabeth eleanor siddal had her own aspirations as an artist.
Jstor_daily: elizabeth eleanor siddal had her own aspirations as an artist.
Pub_hist: elizabeth eleanor siddal lady clare
Always0nny: i care not for my lady’s soul though i worship before her smile; i care not where be my lady’s goal when her beauty shall lose its wile. elizabeth eleanor siddal
Always0nny: low sit i down at my lady’s feet gazing through her wild eyes smiling to think how my love will fleet when their starlike beauty dies. elizabeth eleanor siddal
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