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lisaskwon: ima just recite frank o hara poems when my therapist asks for a vibe check

circleofpines: ‘In times of crisis, we must all decide again and again whom we love.’ - Frank O’ Hara

jenwohljonson: Happy birthday Frank O´Hara

london_pinkney: Frank O´Hara, my poetic foreverlove, reading “Having a coke with you”

litoralll: tomar una coca cola con vos / having a coke with you (frank o' hara)

MPissfest: Frank O´Hara reads "Having a coke with you"

fakemaddoxjolie: okay but this frank o hara line got too real in the face of trying to write: “And for us always the same terrible mountain, our beautiful flesh and our/ loathing, to urge us on.”

fakemaddoxjolie: pregaming every novel writing session by reading through my collected frank o hara tome and drinking three cups of coffee while burning man dj sets play on blast. excited to lose sense of reality in the next coming weeks, or days, or hours.

shahamfarooq: Frank O Hara got it all. “Time” will take too long, tomorrow won’t take us along - we have to use tricks, cut corners, marry Meghans. “I wouldn’t want to be faster or greener than now” he says “if you were with me”. You, the object that will make us a part of present Time.

plumbpop: frank o hara ;-; having a coke with u..

bestinsio: good afternoon girlies what frank o hara excerpt are we feeling today I’ll start

TweetsBeach: This is the dune buggy that merked Frank O Hara on Fire Island

Nyshdzsh: oh to be a photographer taking long exposure shots in Paris of my baby, and arguing about the artistic merit of Mondrian or Frank O Hara over coffee and cigarette.

ClareReidy1: Frank O´Hara reads "Having a coke with you"

satya043: This poem from Frank O’ Hara that so MEMORABLY describes the condition of being a poet. And in a way the condition of living as well. ✨✨

harizfadhi1ah: Polyphonic releasing a video on Lou Reed's legacy AND a video on Frank O Hara by the Art Assignment !?

princessekateri: ◽️Billie Holiday ◾️The Way You Look Tonight

jaanefonda: frank o hara said we shall have everything we want and there’ll be no more dying

jaanefonda: making a lil journal page dedicated to frank o hara + a wee illustration of the fella & i just wanna yell about how much i lov frank o hara

mckra1g: My favorite poem of his. It's subtle incandescence. Frank O´Hara reads "Having a coke with you"

BeIovedVagabond: It was the best day of my life when I found out my favorite poet frank o hara was gay I knew no straight man could write that good

ikexix: reading frank o hara poetry that [redacted] pointed me in the direction of & it strangely reminded me of when i wrote an essay for english class in form 4 that was based upon murder & cannibalism and i got scored pretty well in it but my teacher asked me if everything was ok .

joan_arts: Able to listen to my Dad's old records now. The song Dan o Hara was a childhood favourite by Wille Brady from Dublin. All bought in San Francisco in the late fifties. Kilfenora ceili band, Frank Gilligans Killarney Ceili band, Irish Road show, The Gallowglasd ceili band.

jaanefonda: frank o hara poetry on a thursday evening :-)

bluetsss: I just need to hold space for a minute. for how I just do want to live. because like frank o hara said: something wonderful might happen

DenvilleTAP: Denville's Nicolette George Receives Frank O'Hara Award

bIeakhome: I’m sad so I am sleeping late . But I recently started rereading frank o hara poetry .. he is one of my favourite poets

Jamie_O_Hara: It was always going to be Frank

antimytheme: feelin really frank o. hara about a lot of things right now

antimytheme: the o in frank o hara stands for ‘oh no’

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The air is blue and sweet,
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Oh let me like the birds

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