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rawbbie: this is an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving Day listen:

rbhrowoon: im impressed to be Frank (o hara)

dough_mahoney: it is an annoying time to read frank o’ hara’s poems

jasoon_c: phd class stuff reminded me of frank o hara. why i am not a painter. you write this whole thing and then its like, what's in it? i don't know. i also wish i was a painter. i wish i could write a thesis about orange without an orange in it

__vanese: Frank O´Hara reads "Having a coke with you"

ekdumfaltu: favourite poets rn 1. ellen bass 2. frank o hara 3. mary oliver and my always favourite 4. agha shahid ali

ekdumfaltu: morning by frank o hara

illianaband: i need some reccomendations for poets who werent/arent problematic. ill still read the other ones but... im feeling v betrayed rn after receiving some frank o hara in the mail

comradewillem: using frank o hara poetry as fic titles is something that can feel so personal actually

MrnRjwski: FRANK O ' HARA Meditations in an emergency

hines_hl: Frank O´Hara reads "Having a coke with you"

_shootergirl: sometimes i think about how frank o hará was an aries and everything makes sense and hurts at the same time

RumSpooky: what are you doing now where did you eat your lunch and were there lots of anchovies it is difficult to think of you without me in the sentence you depress me when you are alone

maneeshm: A rendition of Frank o Hara's Mayakovsky I keep going back to.

cIoudronan: lrt frank o hara just Gets It

sympathetic_opp: frank o hara on my mind

vscoster_poetry: Episode 13 of Poems A Penny Each looks at The Day Lady Died by Frank O' Hara. Listen to it here, or wherever you get your podcasts.

jesswebs99: kind of demeaning having to fabricate hobbies to appeal to an employer that doesn't care if you live or die What if my real hobbies are listening to full albums on public transport and reading the same 6 frank o hara poems over and over again

roy_gill: Oh Twitter, we love you, get up! — apologies to Frank O’ Hara and Lana Turner

bakingpoetry: "I am breathing the pure sphere of loneliness and it is sating." - frank o' hara, from "poem", selected poems

cIoudronan: oh to have a loving partner for who i could bake pies n read frank o hara poetry to n take on walks through the cliffs n have two cats we would raise together

juan_dando: Frank O´Hara reads "Having a coke with you"

cIoudronan: also my frank o hara book is so tiny..... i thought it would be big enough to write stuff in it but it's literally a pocket book....

thegoldfinches: account is literally just jude st francis and hozier with maybe a little art or frank o hara thrown in and I can only apologise... I wish I was less predictable

cIoudronan: my frank o hara book still hasn't shipped out... homophobic

sauceJD: I will vote yes only if you read “having a coke with you” by Frank O Hara

thegoldfinches: changed my header again.... frank o hara nation where are you

agentoIive: MR O hara??? FRANK??

AdelineVW7: more related imagery and lines i was considering: L is "Ode," by Frank O' Hara; R is from Mrs Dalloway, by Virginia Woolf

AdelineVW7: ^Frank O' Hara, from Meditations in an Emergency

AdelineVW7: GRABE SHA [this is still Frank O' Hara, from Meditations in an Emergency]

cIoudronan: if i dont get my hands on frank o hara lunch poems book in the next weeks ill go unhinged

StormyMack2: Frank O Hara really said "partly because of your love for yogurt" and we just let him...

cIoudronan: frank o hara im looking right at you

gaybradbakshi: FRANK O HARA GET OUT i love this so so much i’m emo one of my favourite poets ever

jesswebs99: creative writing workshops are about me producing some incomprehensibly abstract pound shop frank o hara free verse n then getting a bit affronted when people ask what i mean by that

bobbbccaatt: Absolutely no one: Me: My favorite poem is Having a coke with you by Frank O’ Hara

cIoudronan: anyways i decided to spent the weekend writing a pynch dark academia fic inspired by this quote of frank o hara

cIoudronan: i might go feral if i dont get a copy of lunch poems by frank o hara ........

sreshthasen: made the brilliant decision of lending my students books from my own personal collection last sem including a signed copy of Frank O' Hara's collected poems that an ex gifted me & I'm never getting that back am I?

aminahafridi: 'In times of crisis, we must tall decide again and again whom to love.' -- Frank O' Hara

writerbytheriv2: "through sunlight that's much too good for new york" i wish this would go on in a Frank O Hara mode but Jarell falls back to Proust. Randall, only the privileged get to think about Marcel. The rest think about jobs and come to lit much later in life.

platonicreaIm: i lve u frank o hara i wish u werent gay and dead

cIoudronan: frank o hara always makes me think of watlaf james

abhinavkrbhagat: In times of crisis,We must all decide again and again whom we love. -- Frank O' Hara

sabcjz: thinking about j d salinger and frank o hara always

sabcjz: it really is every day listen to Having a Coke With You by Frank O Hara on repeat and yearn

paupuent: also "for grace, after a party" de frank o' hara

speakwright: Forgot to share this review written some time ago for the Poetry Project Newsletter of A Frank O'Hara Notebook by Bill Berkson. "A Rosetta Stone of Bill Berkson’s sense of Frank O’Hara"

seeyasuck3r: 98% of poetry sucks but having a coke with you by frank o hara makes my heart explode

rowanmargg: if my mans won’t buy me selected poems by frank o hara then i don’t want him

thegoldfinches: the fact that I dont know which frank o' hara poetry collection has a copy of Having a Coke With You in it is insulting

SarahPatriciaR: Frank O´Hara reads "Having a coke with you"

AloysiusQuincy: second night in a row crying for Frank O' Hara nothing to see here

monirsilva: Frank O´Hara reads "Having a coke with you"

bsaspoetry: A John Ashbery | Frank O´Hara

lucymaafkarde: and i will be frank o hara

aaronbourgoin: Homework: Frank O’Hara.

aaronbourgoin: Homework: Frank O’Hara: Grace Hartigan

crabcamo: can someone mail me Lunch Poems by Frank O Hara.

lawntreading: Playlist no. 2. full of shitty Emo, frank o hara, random nostalgia, guitar stuff. Good for a hammock snooze:

pinkavokado: Frank O´Hara reads "Having a coke with you"

punkjoanne: Ted Cruz reading “Green Eggs and Ham” on the Senate floor is me desperately trying to fill up time during my class presentation. Bernie Sanders’ 8.5 hr filibuster is me passionately writing an essay on Frank O’ Hara in one night.

celkingston: Frank O”Hara knew a thing:

LoHaigney: Good morning, I've hit the "sharing poems with friends" stage of lockdown. Frank O´Hara reads "Having a coke with you"

Lions: "We're excited to see where this goes." Danny Amendola excited to see what Lions' offense can do this year:

kahvilara: although I never weep and hold you in my heart with a very real humor you'd be proud of

kirstin_pillay: What are your fav poems and why ?Personally I absolutely adore Charles Bukowski’ s “Poem for Dante” and Frank o’ Hara’s “Having a coke with you “ .

ahoedak: frank o hara felicity huffman

transboris: ur telling me...both the las vegas library AND the san diego library happen to not have any frank o hara books...okay

Hotmadmolz10: that bit in normal people where Connell gets Marianne a frank o hara book just reminds me of when an ex got me lunch poems....o hara really is the best

narrowtwitchell: These rather undignified occasions aside, I was left entirely to my own devices and it was there that I learned to read, and developed an appreciation of Evelyn Waugh, HP Lovecraft, Frank O' Hara and Yukio Mishima, devouring pages upon pages of their work.

letterboxed: Also, have this for week seven. Frank O´Hara reads "Having a coke with you"

seanlclancy: Who do you lot prefer reading their own poems, Seamus Heaney or Frank O Hara?

punkydilemma: these frank o hara poems are mine to enjoy for a bit longer

Sime0nStylites: Why on earth hasn’t anyone set up a Frank O Hara poetry bot

paupuent: for grace, after a party, de frank o' hara

blindaberg: Frank O´Hara reads "Having a coke with you"

_owendouglas: this is a lovely piece of writing about frank o' hara (among other things) ... although personally my vibe atm is less having a coke w/ u and more:

laserveuse2: keep hearing Diane di prima: "remember you can have what you ask for, ask for everything" and Frank o Hara "We shall have everything we want and there'll be no more dying"

Underdogs___: “In times of crisis, we must all decide again and again whom we love.” - Meditations in an Emergency, Frank O' Hara

berfiin_aslan: In times of crisis, we must all decide again and again whom we love. Frank Ó Hara

vapourtraiIs: lit rally a modern day frank o hara i worship you queen


lisaskwon: ima just recite frank o hara poems when my therapist asks for a vibe check

circleofpines: ‘In times of crisis, we must all decide again and again whom we love.’ - Frank O’ Hara

jenwohljonson: Happy birthday Frank O´Hara

london_pinkney: Frank O´Hara, my poetic foreverlove, reading “Having a coke with you”

litoralll: tomar una coca cola con vos / having a coke with you (frank o' hara)

MPissfest: Frank O´Hara reads "Having a coke with you"

fakemaddoxjolie: okay but this frank o hara line got too real in the face of trying to write: “And for us always the same terrible mountain, our beautiful flesh and our/ loathing, to urge us on.”

fakemaddoxjolie: pregaming every novel writing session by reading through my collected frank o hara tome and drinking three cups of coffee while burning man dj sets play on blast. excited to lose sense of reality in the next coming weeks, or days, or hours.

shahamfarooq: Frank O Hara got it all. “Time” will take too long, tomorrow won’t take us along - we have to use tricks, cut corners, marry Meghans. “I wouldn’t want to be faster or greener than now” he says “if you were with me”. You, the object that will make us a part of present Time.

plumbpop: frank o hara ;-; having a coke with u..

bestinsio: good afternoon girlies what frank o hara excerpt are we feeling today I’ll start

TweetsBeach: This is the dune buggy that merked Frank O Hara on Fire Island

Nyshdzsh: oh to be a photographer taking long exposure shots in Paris of my baby, and arguing about the artistic merit of Mondrian or Frank O Hara over coffee and cigarette.

ClareReidy1: Frank O´Hara reads "Having a coke with you"

satya043: This poem from Frank O’ Hara that so MEMORABLY describes the condition of being a poet. And in a way the condition of living as well. ✨✨

harizfadhi1ah: Polyphonic releasing a video on Lou Reed's legacy AND a video on Frank O Hara by the Art Assignment !?

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